Saturday, January 22, 2011

When Silence is Perfect


                      "Ma, please don't quickly interrupt, listen to what I am
                        saying."  a plea from Ranie, a 15 year old son. 

                      "Stop speaking mother, please listen first."shouts Rona
                                        who is a thirteen year old daughter.

                      "Honey,  hug me honey, hug me;  listen to me,   please
                         open your ears first." is the heart cry of Mila, a wife.

                      "Can you not feel my pain? Don't you care about how 
                           hurt I am? Can you just walk beside me, hold my
                           hands and touch my shoulders?"sighs Vina to her
                                                           best friend


                   When parents are poor listeners, children become frustrated. Wives can  be despondent
                   with  poor listening husbands and vice versa.  The best type  of  support  to  friends  and
                   loved ones who are hurting is a listening ear.   There are times though that  speaking  just
                   right words brings healing and comfort but most of the time listening is just the best  thing
                   to do.  A very effective non-verbal help with your presence  and  silence  results   to  life
                                                            restoration, comfort and joy!
                       "If only you would be altogether silent! For you, that would be wisdom."- Job 13:5                      


  1. it really pays to listen and sometimes by just knowing that there's someone listening could already boost your down heart. God always listens, so there no way that the statement "no one is listening" can be true. :D nice post mam nel

  2. Ty nurse, yes God always listens even before we say anything, He hears and IS ready to rescue if we allow Him. Ty also for having a big ear for me with timely helps and presence...Daghang salamat!