Friday, January 28, 2011


For the Brain

                    Questions that need honest answers;

                  . What do my eyes see often and for       
                     extended hours?
                  . What do my ears listen to that I tend 
                     to believe?
                  . Where do my feet frequent to, places  
                                                         I enjoy to visit?
               . What are the foods I usually feed my body with & give
                     good tastes to my palate?
                  . Who do I frequent going with and allow my 
                     emotions to be greatly affected?
                  . What are the favorite things & hobbies I spend
                     most of my precious time?
                  . What are the memories that I love to recall and
                     stay longer in my consciousness?
                  . What established rules in my home, school and
                     government that I love to follow and hate others?
                   Your personal answers shape your physical stature, 
                        your brain and your choices...,  just like mine.

                  . because what we allow ourselves to see, all gets into
                     our brain.
                . what we see and hear determine what we understand.
                  What we believe show precise power or limits that 
                   will drive our life and its destiny.
                  . what goes into our mouth can be harmful like junk
                     foods and nutrients to build tissues and muscles
                  . our frequent companions define our character. Evil
                     friends corrupt while good association blesses.
                  . physical exercise helps the body's health but 
                     gambling and all games of chance are rottenness to 
                     life and resources. 
                  . what we feed our minds defines our soul's health or 
                  . obeying legal authorities and established rules bring
                     rewards and happiness while rebellion is sinful like 
                     Law of divine establishments like the government, 
                     marriage, family and freedom are truths in the
                     physical realm. These all originated from Creator
                     God to be observed by any human kind on earth.

                                    The choices are yours...are ours... are mine...

The brain is the portion of the central nervous system which is the principal regulating ganglion
     of invertebrates, an internal organ which all activities of man are processed & interpreted.
(Next, i will blog on the choices of the mind that defines the whole person, please watch for it)

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