Saturday, February 11, 2012



   When there is love in the heart there is giving and care.

   When there is love in the heart there is sacrifice and patience.

    When there is love in the heart there is       
     obedience and fulfilling.

    When there is love in the heart there is joy beyond measure.

  When there is love in the heart there is confidence in God and
                           what He says in His Scriptures.

Therefore, love is action and when it is done, great emotion follows. There is constant laughter and singing around which freely happens.  Respect is displayed by the person in love.  It is a character of the heart and love is very beautiful for all ages. 

True love is displayed by good parents to there children. Because of their unconditional love, they give and give. They care, they sacrifice and patiently teach and understand even the most difficult child.  On the other hand, the children who truly love their parents show it by their obedience to the instructions and rules for the family. These loving children are afraid to hurt the feelings of their loving parents. The result in them is feeling of joy, confidence and trust between each other. Honesty and openness are practiced that is why less failures occur.  Laughter and singing are heard oftentimes when they are gathered together.  The people that truly love make every second productive as a person and build each other up.

True love that is displayed by friends is never self seeking and selfish. It's intention is for the good and development of one another. Even lovers will not think of pushing for unbecoming actions if what they have is love. Love will not seek premarital sex because love acts within the bounds of the law of God.  Sex is strictly only for married couple.  
  Let's have this love instead of just emotional feelings. True love makes the person real happy beyond what words can describe, a feeling that is so sacred and lasting. Love is a gift of God sought by prayers and in agreement with His will and plan.