Thursday, January 6, 2011


Goodbye & Hello 

                 Time... especially today is such a wonderful gift from God! Every tick of a second is precious.  Every minute is intrinsic and every hour is exchangeable.  One year has an equivalent of 12 months; 52 weeks; 365 days; 8,760 hours; 525,600 minutes or 3,153,600 seconds.  Time is everything free!   The issue is, your choice and my choice- how to spend time productively!

 When ....   Parents take care and train their children.
                  Teachers spend much time in preparation for knowledge & teaching.
                  Children are obedient to family rules & take part in chores.
                  Students listen and study hard!
                  Employees & workers excel in their field and are loyal.
                  Employers motivate & develop subordinates.
                  Drivers drive responsively & thoughtfully.
                  Scientists dwell more on research & discoveries.

 Habitually...                                                                                                                                   Spending time with God our Maker! in prayer, Bible study & singing.
                  Spending quality time with family, relatives, friends & neighbors. 
                  Taking time to rest, relax & play games or scheduled recreation. 
                  Take time out for the pets and welcoming strangers.
                  Harness God given abilities, skills & potentials.
                  Take time to help the helpless & share the Gospel to the lost souls!
                  Being responsible & accountable for every word, action & thought. 
                  Develop making daily schedule & long-range plan..
                  [add some more...]                                                     

Time can all be wasted in 
        > self-serving;  pleasures of this world; unmindful of        
           the passing hours
         >spending much time in television & hobbies; busy- 
           bodies in other men's lives; uncontrollable desires;                
         >buying stuffs that are not needful 
         >care free lifestyle; not taking care of family  
           especially with spouse and children
         >no plan but just exists (eat to live & live to eat); 
         >wallowing in guilt and self-pity;                                                   
         >leave out God as if he/she can manage without Him; 
         >living in mediocrity & apathy;                                                                                                         
         >Well, this list can go on and on however they all eat up God's
           valuable time.

Time will never, never return, we can either make good use of it until we are able or 
                                                simply waste it...
Again, HAPPY, HAPPY NEW YEAR! I wish you the power of The Holy Spirit and the
everlasting relationship of Jesus Christ! Just have faith in Him, He died for everyone        
                                                      of us!

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