Saturday, January 15, 2011

The Character called "Self-Control"

         Lots of people have been entering my mind including myself.  Over and over I evaluate my own life.  What a tremendous potentials God had loaded each of the normal human being.  How exciting and meaningful a life can be in these varied environments and experiences.  However everyone  when reaching that responsible age must learn to exercise, accept & practice self-control.            

        These two children inside the dentist's clinic both came for tooth extraction.       Both were 11        years old accompanied by their respective mother.  One, graciously listened to her mother's voice and instructions from the dentist.  The result: she immediately was relieved from toohache; she got better looking teeth and gave happiness to her companions.  The other girl was the exact opposite.  She vented her anger to her mother for forcing her to visit a dentist.    She screamed, shout, cry and         moved uncontrollably until the doctor chose not to do with the procedures. Every so often her teeth problem resurface and the common arguing with family members seems endless.                     

       Let's view their home life. Both are girls aged 11 years old, from two different families.  The       obedient girl hails from a middle income father.  She is surrounded by an unconditional love of      parents.  She doesn't get all of her wants but her parents made sure that basic needs are given to her.  Her parents have clear rules inside the house for her to follow.  They made sure that she      understands her responsibilities and role as a dependent young girl since the time that she can be taught during childhood.   She  has  a  happy  environment where tolerance for mistakes are                considered and lots of mentoring with real life modelling are displayed.  Her parents made sure they live out what they expect from their daughter.  Turned out she's the most happy and responsible child,  growing pleasantly and very respectable.  She listens well,  follows   their  instructions and knows how to establish goals with success.  She's very proud of how her dad loves her mom very much and she too! She's growing very  contented and appreciative.                                 
        With regards to the second girl, she is exposed to violence ever since she has recollection. She also has a middle-income family. Her parents are fighting almost everyday.  Every time they fight, she's left alone  hiding for fear they'll vent anger upon her.  Many nights they forgot to eat supper and she went to  sleep sobbing unknown to her parents.  She keeps hatred inside her heart but the anger that's boiling inside is very evident with her.  She learned to curse at an early age just like her mom and dad.   At her very young age, she can tell lies very normally every time she commits mistakes in defense of herself from different kinds of punishments like letting her kneel on salt; locking inside her room for hours or telling her all kinds of negative comments...There are lots of discouragements more than the love and acceptance she is supposed to be enjoying from her own parents.  It was very hard for her to  love and respect others because of her environment in the home.                                                         
          What a relief when her parents separated and she was left to the care of her aunt who taught her the life of grace.  She learned that God through Jesus Christ has died for every human sin and any one who believes in God has the power residing inside.  An eleven  year old mind understood God's word reflected in the life of her aunt.  It was very touching when she confessed her sins to God and expressed her love to do what is right.  Everyday she writes a letter to her parents concerning her new found joy.  She kept all letters inside a box believing that one day her parents  will return to her.  Meantime, she is becoming very peaceful, happy and in control of herself.  She forgot all the   tantrums and is learning the true character bit by bit  which makes her more pleasant to be with.   She now appreciates rules and follow them.  She now has goals for the day and making bigger goals for her future because of her faith in God.  She could not fully express how thankful she is for her aunt who untiringly taught her not to be spoiled but have self-control.                                                                    
                                   There is hope for every child put in care of the right person!                                

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