Saturday, January 15, 2011

He Keeps On


Ferdinand is the classmate of Milagros in Hischool.  He was a regular student never been in the honor list but maintained in the first section.  His dreamed was to become a computer analyst because that was his desire since a boy.  He has also skills and advanced knowledge in computers besides he was always amazed at its functions.  
True enough, he pursued computer course in college at a state run school.  Everyday was a day of learning for him not minding the trail of hardship that he was experiencing.  He finished college with a work scholarship as utility man in the school canteen. Every vacant hour for him was a time to review lessons and envisioned himself as working in an office of one multinational.  With this, Ferdinand was consistent in his studies and work, determined to earn a degree whatever the costs.
      He was always thankful for all the people behind him especially his parents.  Although they could not support him with money but Ferdinand was grateful for how they encourage him.  His mother washed and ironed his clothes.  His father made sure that there's food in their house that takes care of his younger brothers.  Ferdinand was always optimistic and never demanded what his parents could not afford to give.  It was his biggest reward when he finally graduated in college finishing an IT course.  He was so proud for the presence of his father & mother among his friends.
      Now, Ferdinand is a consultant in the field of computers.  He is a senior officer in a multinational company. He hosts website  and
design for clients during spare hours.  He has a happy family & earning beyond what he can tell.  He admits, he also is going through many trials and personal problems but he maintains an understanding heart.  Sometimes, prosperity gets in his way in his closer relationship with God but he is always aware of his need for Him. Ferdinand knows very well that his utmost priority is time with God, his family & his schedules. His character is still that humble man and very appreciative how God guides Him in His mind to be able to choose the right decisions.
       During last year's highschool class reunion,Ferdinand  was one of  the  anonymous donors  of  the meals  and souvenirs for the five  hundred  plus students in their HS batch.  He radiates  contentment &  happiness.  Here they met again,  his high school  best friend and female favorite friend Milagros, a settled woman 
                 now, which makes him glad too!   


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