Wednesday, January 12, 2011

HER HUSBAND DIED; SHE'S widowed @ 31

Not one of the human race is spared from loneliness    caused by  separation.  But the most painful of course is when death of a loved one occurred.  Acceptance take a while for the members of the family especially the spouse.

                                                                                                 Silver, lost her husband to an accident.  She was   really caught
unprepared, terrified and shocked for days.  However she was to decide, sign, fill out documents and answer legal queries.  She poured her heart out over and over to different visitors coming for sympathy during the wake just repeating the details how her husband died.  This was a big help and emotional release then.  Her real life's trial came after the burial.

         Silver now wanted to sulk and hide from people. She blamed herself for the death of her husband.  She had so many 'if only' she 
did this & that.  Her guilt trip went on and on.  She began to be very forgetful and disorganized, she forgot where she placed important records.  She became very emotional and always in tears in the house and places that they frequented together.  Her appetite for food was disappearing and she seldom ate regularly not wanting to cook.  She slept very few hours and was awake very early.  Several times she was cheating herself by expecting her hubby will come home. 
                                             ADJUSTMENT & COPING

           Silver's aunt, her best friend, Leah & a neighbor lady took turn staying and lending their big ears.  They were all available anytime of of the 24/7,  rain or shine, clasping her cold hands & giving presence to her empty room while doing some chores. They change the position of the furnitures & stuffs in the house especially in the bedroom. Her 4 children provide the 'hug ministry' for their beloved mom whenever they were around from school. Her parents were her crying shoulders.  These precious people were Silver's emotional support during her dark moments until she was able to move on and embrace the normal life once again.  Her vulnerability as a young widow was never taken advantage of.  Men respect her decision to stay single and takes care of her growing children.  They saw her stability & respectability even though she is at her prime age.

         The best source of Silver's assets for recovery are the people's concern loving and the word of God.Her deep faith in Jesus Christ gave her the advantage to cope right & fast.  God fills all the void that her husband left.  She is so confident that a joyful reunion awaits up in heaven where the saved souls go. Now she continues to inspire and encourage others who are experiencing the same loss.

Part 2 of Adjustment series. Silver is not her true name.  She however says that we always need to put in our children's mind that everyone will die and  no one is certain what manner of death that will be.  The very thing that anybody must become certain is where his/her soul go when he/she dies.  Jesus Christ said"I am The Way to Heaven, whoever believes in Me, though he/she dies will live again."- John 14:6; 11:29 & 11:25 Do you believe?    


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