Sunday, January 30, 2011


THE MIND                
                                                         Human mind is like a container which has the left and right lobes called mind and cardia. All knowledge or contents from what we see, read or hear,  pass through the mind and when they are understood it is transferred to the cardia lobe.  In Greek this  is called 'gnosis and epignosis.'                                                             
              The senses and organs of human especially the brain, blood, ear and eyes play very important role in the human's personality or soul.  The personality compartments are mentality which thinks, reasons and chooses.  The emotion feels or is the appreciator, receptor or anxiety part .  The conscience is developed during maturity process and likewise self-consciousness. This is the part wherein a person may want to change part of his physical aspect yet he/she knows that he/she is still that man or woman.  The functions of body and soul are conduits.               
     The body is the access to the world. The home, school, government and culture try to prepare all humans to be able to be well informed and well adjusted to live in the complex world.  The soul or personality is the access to self,  to the real needs and developing character .  The human spirit is the access to God to know Him that man needs a greater power apart from himself.  All humankind are born with faith like faith in work, faith in parents, faith in education, faith in self and others.  However the only faith that results to eternal salvation is faith in the only Saviour of mankind, Jesus Christ the Lord. His Gospel or good news requires every human to believe in Him, that He died on the cross and nailed Adam's sin (every child is born with), was buried and then resurrected.  When a person reaches this decision faith, God performs His promise, He saved to the uttermost the believing soul or person.  The Holy spirit quickens the human spirit and he/she can now be taught and eat spiritual food which is the word of God.                                                                                           

            Choosing is vital and necessary for our eternity.  While the family  and the race we belong, we can never choose here on earth,  our present, our future and destiny need our choice.  We can rather choose to have a strong tie and close relationships to whom we were born rather than blame anyone.  The world weighs us down and even prod upon us. God on the other hand  respects every freedom of choice.  This is God's agape love character.  He waits until we understand His grace and choosing Him and the Gospel is a conduit  when He performs His act of saving.  The work is completely finished on His cross, man just needs to agree with that.  Believing His Gospel needs man's choosing for His eternal salvation.  Studying the Scriptures for everyday spiritual growth, learning, understanding, believing and applying needs a moment by moment choosing. This is the handbook or instruction manual for the living saved souls/persons. This is the beginning of spiritual life.
                             Unbelief is the only sin that will separate man from God for eternity. In theology this is called spiritual death even though the body and soul live and move.  Choosing for his/her eternal abode is only until  he/she lives in the physical realm.  All sins have been dealt with at His cross but God's forgiveness and salvation is only operational to a person that has faith and the only object is Jesus Christ.  The presence of plants, trees, fish, animals, planets and seasons are some of the witnesses of God that He lives.  He wants a personal intimate relationship with humans and the only way is when he/she personally acknowledges that Jesus Christ is God who became flesh, died on the cross to pay all penalty of all humankind sin, was buried and rose again.  He/she needs Him for salvation.                                                                             
      The character of a person improves depending upon what   he/ she feeds his/her mentality. What influences are accepted and believed.  If he/she puts on the truth of God's word, He/she become truthful,  peaceful and stable.  His/her emotions become happier and conscience is strengthened with the truth. There is acceptance of self. The power that drives any person depends upon the things that he/she believes.  On the other hand if he continues to believe the lies of the devil, to superstitions and conform to the standard of the world and selfish ways, he/she continues to be confused, fearful and habitually lying.  His emotional aspect wants to override his/her mentality.  His conscience continues to flounder and self-esteem is losing.  Observe an infant or a baby, can they practice their mentality or do they just follow their emotion and instinct? A toddler? an adolescent? What about an adult who is so possessed with self and emotions rather than the principles and truth from God's word?

There is no neutral ground in the mentality's choosing ability.  If you follow your own ways, it is self-centered,  
and degenerates as it ages.   
If the basis for your choices is God's printed instruction you get His benefit of regeneration and the soul grows in maturity.
You see faith decision is just an agreement to the completed work of Jesus Christ. God gave the 100% work unto salvation, man says yes, I chose to appropriate that for my life."

Still the choice is ours.... is mine 
 Conduit means a passageway or a reservoir.  God's formula for salvation is that  man's mind need to understand and choose;  that is man's part to believe the Gospel, then God performs His promise. The work is completely done on the cross, man's part is to agree/decide or choose that what Jesus Christ did was complete. Salvation is 100 % work of God.  There is no faith that can be handed down, every person at his/her age of accountability is expected by God to exercise a personal choice and faith regarding his  /her future and destiny.

Romans 1:16 "For I am not ashamed of the Gospel of Christ: for it is the power of God unto salvation to every one that believeth."
Romans l:19,20 "Because that which may be known of God is manifest in them; for God hath shewed it unto them. For the invisible things of Him from the creation of the world are clearly seen, being understood by the things that are made, even His eternal power and Godhead; so that they are without excuse."
1 Thessalonians 5:23 "And the very God of peace sanctify you wholly; and I pray God your whole spirit and soul and body be preserved blameless unto the coming of our Lord Jesus Christ."
Acts 4:12 "Neither is there salvation in any other: for there is none other name under Heaven given among men whereby we must be saved."
Galatians 6:7b "for whatsoever a man soweth, that shall he also reap."

Ref: my teacher, Bible in context, Webster's dictionary

Friday, January 28, 2011


For the Brain

                    Questions that need honest answers;

                  . What do my eyes see often and for       
                     extended hours?
                  . What do my ears listen to that I tend 
                     to believe?
                  . Where do my feet frequent to, places  
                                                         I enjoy to visit?
               . What are the foods I usually feed my body with & give
                     good tastes to my palate?
                  . Who do I frequent going with and allow my 
                     emotions to be greatly affected?
                  . What are the favorite things & hobbies I spend
                     most of my precious time?
                  . What are the memories that I love to recall and
                     stay longer in my consciousness?
                  . What established rules in my home, school and
                     government that I love to follow and hate others?
                   Your personal answers shape your physical stature, 
                        your brain and your choices...,  just like mine.

                  . because what we allow ourselves to see, all gets into
                     our brain.
                . what we see and hear determine what we understand.
                  What we believe show precise power or limits that 
                   will drive our life and its destiny.
                  . what goes into our mouth can be harmful like junk
                     foods and nutrients to build tissues and muscles
                  . our frequent companions define our character. Evil
                     friends corrupt while good association blesses.
                  . physical exercise helps the body's health but 
                     gambling and all games of chance are rottenness to 
                     life and resources. 
                  . what we feed our minds defines our soul's health or 
                  . obeying legal authorities and established rules bring
                     rewards and happiness while rebellion is sinful like 
                     Law of divine establishments like the government, 
                     marriage, family and freedom are truths in the
                     physical realm. These all originated from Creator
                     God to be observed by any human kind on earth.

                                    The choices are yours...are ours... are mine...

The brain is the portion of the central nervous system which is the principal regulating ganglion
     of invertebrates, an internal organ which all activities of man are processed & interpreted.
(Next, i will blog on the choices of the mind that defines the whole person, please watch for it)

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Rise Above

Your Rejections                                              

                        "Alona rise above your rejections!", counselled the guidance  counsellor   in  her school. Alona is a 20 year old girl graduating in a political science degree,  who is very  unstable  and making decisions is the  most difficult thing to do.  Actually she doesn't want her course,    it       is her mother's choice for her.  She wants to pursue a cooking course.  She believes all decisions     for her life belong solely to her mother  who is an attorney-at-law and  is  very  particular  with every minute thing especially the school performance of her daughter.  She has never been  satisfied with her bring home grades and always suspects her a lot. Friends are not allowed either.

                         This is Alona's home life which affects her whole personality.  She believes in all  the negative comments her mother often berates her.  She accepted all the name calling like 'a daughter of no worth'; 'a dumb girl forever'; 'an ugly child whom no man will ever love'..these and more.  She is never allowed to reason out let alone answer back.  All her mom's statements are final and rules to be followed without questions.  All her mind, emotions and will are controlled by her mean and unhappy mother.  She tells all horrific stories about people just to shun her away from making friends.   Alona knows  her  classmates have freedom because they  look happy and they are proud of their parents.
                                                                                                                            Alona often visits the school guidance counselor who understands her situation.    She tells her, that is emotional abuse and repression to her freedom.  She does not live to get        an approval from her mother but her love and support must be unconditional. The children are not slaves but member of a family that love is voluntary and where home is a comfort zone.  It is the parents    duty to give all the basic needs, love and education to their children without expecting anything in return.  The guidance counselor prays very hard for Alona to  understand and have the courage to reject all the verbal abuse her mother often throws at her.  Alona admitted that she is very unhappy with her home life and is very fearful every time she comes face to face with her mother yet she finds herself just obeying and  wishes to please her.

The guidance counselor presented to Alona different cases and situation that    may happen. She praises Alona for her kindness and assures her, she's pretty!  She asked Alona, what if her mother dies, can she live without her decisions? How  will she learn to manage relationships if she has no friends to share with for fear of rejection and embarrassment her mother will cause to them?  Will she also want  to do to her own children in  the future what she allows her mother to brainwash her own daughter?   They learned that her mother was abandoned by her father when she was very small.  She also was raised by an aunt because of a broken marriage by her parents.  These triggered her unhappy life and because of hatred she finished the law school to show her strength and abilities.  Her own insecurities and  personal fear drove her to shelter her daughter from pains and life's sufferings, but ended bringing all those sorts to her.  Poor Alona!  The decision is left to her.                           
                           It was the most surprising thing when Alona refused to go home after her class.
She stopped going to school, she hid to her aunt who understands what she is going through.
The following week was a heart breaking scene for mother and daughter who are so strange with
each other. Finally, Alona's mother repented and asked sorry from her, but 20 years of that share
of life is not easy to break. Alona needs help from her aunt who guides her to forgive and starts life in God slowly, with faith and joy in each victory.  She left her home to study Hotel & Restaurant Management but Alona writes in her journal, restoring her life is not easy.  It takes a power greater than her and love beyond her capabilities...

Saturday, January 22, 2011

When Silence is Perfect


                      "Ma, please don't quickly interrupt, listen to what I am
                        saying."  a plea from Ranie, a 15 year old son. 

                      "Stop speaking mother, please listen first."shouts Rona
                                        who is a thirteen year old daughter.

                      "Honey,  hug me honey, hug me;  listen to me,   please
                         open your ears first." is the heart cry of Mila, a wife.

                      "Can you not feel my pain? Don't you care about how 
                           hurt I am? Can you just walk beside me, hold my
                           hands and touch my shoulders?"sighs Vina to her
                                                           best friend


                   When parents are poor listeners, children become frustrated. Wives can  be despondent
                   with  poor listening husbands and vice versa.  The best type  of  support  to  friends  and
                   loved ones who are hurting is a listening ear.   There are times though that  speaking  just
                   right words brings healing and comfort but most of the time listening is just the best  thing
                   to do.  A very effective non-verbal help with your presence  and  silence  results   to  life
                                                            restoration, comfort and joy!
                       "If only you would be altogether silent! For you, that would be wisdom."- Job 13:5                      

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Shoes and Slippers


                             .  That they can protect no matter how insignificant they may be.
                            .  that they can withstand all seasons and can go anywhere with us
                           .  they are worn out so a better care is needed for them too!
                          .  they can be thrown away if they are already worn out & damaged.
                         .  they will not serve purposes if they will not be used.

                       .  remind me my aging process & likewise our level of mind's maturity

                        HAVE YOU HEARD YOUR MOM TOLD YOU? "Juan, take out your
                        slippers, change to both feet". or "Maria, you've got two left shoes, find the
                       right pair"... How old was that?  The moment we learned to walk without
                      support to perhaps age 5... Then independence started shouting...

                     It's easy to put on the right slippers and pair of shoes.  Pride and confidence
                     got in the way of dependency.  Hey, it's not always the case, there are times
                  even the quintynarian can still use the wrong pairs.  Those with eye problem
                 their feet feel but not reliable a hundred percent.  Teenagers beam with over
                 confidence  then frustrations easily sets in because the reality is they still need
                lots of training.  Their minds long and try independence but their hearts & body
                need the comfort in the home of mom & dad.    They need to learn to choose the
                quality of slippers and shoes.  They need to study and earn a livelihood to buy 

                 Just like everybody, our learning will never end for as long as we have sound 
                 minds.  The level of maturity is not because his age is older than hers.  Real 
                 maturity is how much we have mastered the art of wearing and taking care and 
                thrown slippers and shoes.  How patience had engraved in our personality.  How
                truthful we have in our life and in dealing with others.  How excellent
                & competent we have become in our work.  How we have understood everyday
                living and throw away the destructive lies and  hypocritical ways. Do we have
                discernment? No matter how aged a man or  woman have reached, maturity will 
                not follow if   he or she is not willing to learn from everyday experiences & trials.                                                                                                                                                                                                        
                An aged man doesn't know which is the left and right foot? Not because he lacks
                knowledge but he wants what he wants and doesn't adjust to acceptable traits.
                Let's think, not just about our shoes & slippers but with our whole being...

                                                  "When I was a child, I spoke as a child, I understood as a 
                                                                child, I thought as a child: but when I became a man,  I
                                                                        put  away childish things." 1 Corinthians 13:11

Saturday, January 15, 2011

The Character called "Self-Control"

         Lots of people have been entering my mind including myself.  Over and over I evaluate my own life.  What a tremendous potentials God had loaded each of the normal human being.  How exciting and meaningful a life can be in these varied environments and experiences.  However everyone  when reaching that responsible age must learn to exercise, accept & practice self-control.            

        These two children inside the dentist's clinic both came for tooth extraction.       Both were 11        years old accompanied by their respective mother.  One, graciously listened to her mother's voice and instructions from the dentist.  The result: she immediately was relieved from toohache; she got better looking teeth and gave happiness to her companions.  The other girl was the exact opposite.  She vented her anger to her mother for forcing her to visit a dentist.    She screamed, shout, cry and         moved uncontrollably until the doctor chose not to do with the procedures. Every so often her teeth problem resurface and the common arguing with family members seems endless.                     

       Let's view their home life. Both are girls aged 11 years old, from two different families.  The       obedient girl hails from a middle income father.  She is surrounded by an unconditional love of      parents.  She doesn't get all of her wants but her parents made sure that basic needs are given to her.  Her parents have clear rules inside the house for her to follow.  They made sure that she      understands her responsibilities and role as a dependent young girl since the time that she can be taught during childhood.   She  has  a  happy  environment where tolerance for mistakes are                considered and lots of mentoring with real life modelling are displayed.  Her parents made sure they live out what they expect from their daughter.  Turned out she's the most happy and responsible child,  growing pleasantly and very respectable.  She listens well,  follows   their  instructions and knows how to establish goals with success.  She's very proud of how her dad loves her mom very much and she too! She's growing very  contented and appreciative.                                 
        With regards to the second girl, she is exposed to violence ever since she has recollection. She also has a middle-income family. Her parents are fighting almost everyday.  Every time they fight, she's left alone  hiding for fear they'll vent anger upon her.  Many nights they forgot to eat supper and she went to  sleep sobbing unknown to her parents.  She keeps hatred inside her heart but the anger that's boiling inside is very evident with her.  She learned to curse at an early age just like her mom and dad.   At her very young age, she can tell lies very normally every time she commits mistakes in defense of herself from different kinds of punishments like letting her kneel on salt; locking inside her room for hours or telling her all kinds of negative comments...There are lots of discouragements more than the love and acceptance she is supposed to be enjoying from her own parents.  It was very hard for her to  love and respect others because of her environment in the home.                                                         
          What a relief when her parents separated and she was left to the care of her aunt who taught her the life of grace.  She learned that God through Jesus Christ has died for every human sin and any one who believes in God has the power residing inside.  An eleven  year old mind understood God's word reflected in the life of her aunt.  It was very touching when she confessed her sins to God and expressed her love to do what is right.  Everyday she writes a letter to her parents concerning her new found joy.  She kept all letters inside a box believing that one day her parents  will return to her.  Meantime, she is becoming very peaceful, happy and in control of herself.  She forgot all the   tantrums and is learning the true character bit by bit  which makes her more pleasant to be with.   She now appreciates rules and follow them.  She now has goals for the day and making bigger goals for her future because of her faith in God.  She could not fully express how thankful she is for her aunt who untiringly taught her not to be spoiled but have self-control.                                                                    
                                   There is hope for every child put in care of the right person!                                

He Keeps On


Ferdinand is the classmate of Milagros in Hischool.  He was a regular student never been in the honor list but maintained in the first section.  His dreamed was to become a computer analyst because that was his desire since a boy.  He has also skills and advanced knowledge in computers besides he was always amazed at its functions.  
True enough, he pursued computer course in college at a state run school.  Everyday was a day of learning for him not minding the trail of hardship that he was experiencing.  He finished college with a work scholarship as utility man in the school canteen. Every vacant hour for him was a time to review lessons and envisioned himself as working in an office of one multinational.  With this, Ferdinand was consistent in his studies and work, determined to earn a degree whatever the costs.
      He was always thankful for all the people behind him especially his parents.  Although they could not support him with money but Ferdinand was grateful for how they encourage him.  His mother washed and ironed his clothes.  His father made sure that there's food in their house that takes care of his younger brothers.  Ferdinand was always optimistic and never demanded what his parents could not afford to give.  It was his biggest reward when he finally graduated in college finishing an IT course.  He was so proud for the presence of his father & mother among his friends.
      Now, Ferdinand is a consultant in the field of computers.  He is a senior officer in a multinational company. He hosts website  and
design for clients during spare hours.  He has a happy family & earning beyond what he can tell.  He admits, he also is going through many trials and personal problems but he maintains an understanding heart.  Sometimes, prosperity gets in his way in his closer relationship with God but he is always aware of his need for Him. Ferdinand knows very well that his utmost priority is time with God, his family & his schedules. His character is still that humble man and very appreciative how God guides Him in His mind to be able to choose the right decisions.
       During last year's highschool class reunion,Ferdinand  was one of  the  anonymous donors  of  the meals  and souvenirs for the five  hundred  plus students in their HS batch.  He radiates  contentment &  happiness.  Here they met again,  his high school  best friend and female favorite friend Milagros, a settled woman 
                 now, which makes him glad too!   


Thursday, January 13, 2011


Aging, Adjustment #3
              Once a human being is born the age process starts to come by...This is about Ferdinand & Milagros life experience, they were classmates since freshman in high school. Hope you will learn from these fellows...                                                           

        Milagros is a pretty lady & a jubilant person. Once in high school she was so excited as though can't hardly wait to get into college.  All favors seemed to work on her because after finishing a commerce degree she landed a good job in a bank.  She had so many expectations that were not met by her family, peers & the place she's worked at that time.

Her personality seemed to change from a sweet lady to an impatient, nagging & serious woman.  Her boyfriend of 1 month broke up with her that she could not handle her insecurities.  Her co workers tried to avoid her and her family members were fighting with her.  It all started after her 25th birthday that her insecurities started to crept in.  She was not contented with her job either and take home pay.
However, the real problem was inside of her mind.  She thought her birthdays come so fast and she wanted to stop 
her age at 31.  She was really stuck in that vain unrealistic desire.  She tried to wear all kinds of make up, dress up like the young ones, tried some botox which gave her satisfaction but only for a short period.  She resigned from the bank and took up education.   She became a one teacher that was very grouchy and picky.  Still single today, she's 47 but is starting to learn her lessons. Not bad and not too late!
     She observed her cool, patient and friendly co-teacher.  A single mom for 10 years, happily raising three equally positive high school kids yet very understanding.  Both of them are now in menopausal syndrome at so called 'mid-life crisis'.  This co-teacher taught her that she can choose to control her temper at all times if she wants to.  She said she wants to grow old with grace, loving and surrounded by loving people whatever circumstances surround her. Miss Milagros started to terribly feel so sorry for all those years she lived for herself and asked her new found friend to pray and help her.  True enough she improved within few months. Her students became all excited for her & in their studies.
      Last year, Miss Milagros was diagnosed with tumor on both ovary and undergone hystherectomy.  For unknown reasons but she suspect that was probably caused by her highly stressed, tensed self and unrealistic idealism.  She also took lots of pills believing that would give her youthful aura.  Anyway, she learned her lessons the hard way and accepted reality.

        That  1. we cannot fight aging.  It is the character that
                     matters and how many our life has touched      
                     through our right living and sound disposition.
                 2. being certain of our salvation through faith 
                     alone in Christ alone, gave us rest in our soul.
                 3. right relationships with family, friends & 
                    neighbor will add a peaceful self & environment
                     We never can take for granted people & God's        
                     free salvation
                 4. No matter how long we have lived wrong, there 
                     is time to get right and it's never too late.                                        

Get right with God through His Son Jesus Christ, love His word and you will learn to get right with 
                        "One day  at a time, it is enough! Do not look back & grieve over the past
                        for it is gone; and do not be troubled about the future, for it has not yet come.
                        Live in the present, & make it to be so worth remembering."- Ida Scott Taylor 

In my next blog, 'what happened to her classmate Ferdinand?  These are not their real names.  


Wednesday, January 12, 2011

HER HUSBAND DIED; SHE'S widowed @ 31

Not one of the human race is spared from loneliness    caused by  separation.  But the most painful of course is when death of a loved one occurred.  Acceptance take a while for the members of the family especially the spouse.

                                                                                                 Silver, lost her husband to an accident.  She was   really caught
unprepared, terrified and shocked for days.  However she was to decide, sign, fill out documents and answer legal queries.  She poured her heart out over and over to different visitors coming for sympathy during the wake just repeating the details how her husband died.  This was a big help and emotional release then.  Her real life's trial came after the burial.

         Silver now wanted to sulk and hide from people. She blamed herself for the death of her husband.  She had so many 'if only' she 
did this & that.  Her guilt trip went on and on.  She began to be very forgetful and disorganized, she forgot where she placed important records.  She became very emotional and always in tears in the house and places that they frequented together.  Her appetite for food was disappearing and she seldom ate regularly not wanting to cook.  She slept very few hours and was awake very early.  Several times she was cheating herself by expecting her hubby will come home. 
                                             ADJUSTMENT & COPING

           Silver's aunt, her best friend, Leah & a neighbor lady took turn staying and lending their big ears.  They were all available anytime of of the 24/7,  rain or shine, clasping her cold hands & giving presence to her empty room while doing some chores. They change the position of the furnitures & stuffs in the house especially in the bedroom. Her 4 children provide the 'hug ministry' for their beloved mom whenever they were around from school. Her parents were her crying shoulders.  These precious people were Silver's emotional support during her dark moments until she was able to move on and embrace the normal life once again.  Her vulnerability as a young widow was never taken advantage of.  Men respect her decision to stay single and takes care of her growing children.  They saw her stability & respectability even though she is at her prime age.

         The best source of Silver's assets for recovery are the people's concern loving and the word of God.Her deep faith in Jesus Christ gave her the advantage to cope right & fast.  God fills all the void that her husband left.  She is so confident that a joyful reunion awaits up in heaven where the saved souls go. Now she continues to inspire and encourage others who are experiencing the same loss.

Part 2 of Adjustment series. Silver is not her true name.  She however says that we always need to put in our children's mind that everyone will die and  no one is certain what manner of death that will be.  The very thing that anybody must become certain is where his/her soul go when he/she dies.  Jesus Christ said"I am The Way to Heaven, whoever believes in Me, though he/she dies will live again."- John 14:6; 11:29 & 11:25 Do you believe?