Friday, January 7, 2011

Terrible or Terrific Sights

           On  Beating Deadlines

In the road, it's rush hour but you don't see anyone rushing!

 In the office, there's absurd silence but plenty of papers & hours wasted.

At home, panicky moms push, push, push just to find out many have been left out.

Lessons to learn or to live by:

                      > Haste is waste

                 > Don't trust your memory, have always a paper & pen. 
                 > The more we move fast indiscriminately, the behinder 
                     we get.

                 > If you spend more than what you get & not saving at
                     all,  you will end up a pauper.
                 > If you quit, you miss all opportunities.

                 > If you fail & fall but refuse to stand up, you miss all 
                     successes in front of you.

                 > If you believe lies, you are the most gullible indeed.

                 > If you fail to rest, you will feel tired always.

                 > There's no substitute for being well-prepared aat!

                 > If you leave out God, He remains faithful & true.       
                     He cannot deny Himself!

        Let's keep moving to the right direction!
                                           today, tomorrow & the day after tomorrow...   

This blog is dedicated to all the people in this pressurized world.

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