Thursday, January 13, 2011


Aging, Adjustment #3
              Once a human being is born the age process starts to come by...This is about Ferdinand & Milagros life experience, they were classmates since freshman in high school. Hope you will learn from these fellows...                                                           

        Milagros is a pretty lady & a jubilant person. Once in high school she was so excited as though can't hardly wait to get into college.  All favors seemed to work on her because after finishing a commerce degree she landed a good job in a bank.  She had so many expectations that were not met by her family, peers & the place she's worked at that time.

Her personality seemed to change from a sweet lady to an impatient, nagging & serious woman.  Her boyfriend of 1 month broke up with her that she could not handle her insecurities.  Her co workers tried to avoid her and her family members were fighting with her.  It all started after her 25th birthday that her insecurities started to crept in.  She was not contented with her job either and take home pay.
However, the real problem was inside of her mind.  She thought her birthdays come so fast and she wanted to stop 
her age at 31.  She was really stuck in that vain unrealistic desire.  She tried to wear all kinds of make up, dress up like the young ones, tried some botox which gave her satisfaction but only for a short period.  She resigned from the bank and took up education.   She became a one teacher that was very grouchy and picky.  Still single today, she's 47 but is starting to learn her lessons. Not bad and not too late!
     She observed her cool, patient and friendly co-teacher.  A single mom for 10 years, happily raising three equally positive high school kids yet very understanding.  Both of them are now in menopausal syndrome at so called 'mid-life crisis'.  This co-teacher taught her that she can choose to control her temper at all times if she wants to.  She said she wants to grow old with grace, loving and surrounded by loving people whatever circumstances surround her. Miss Milagros started to terribly feel so sorry for all those years she lived for herself and asked her new found friend to pray and help her.  True enough she improved within few months. Her students became all excited for her & in their studies.
      Last year, Miss Milagros was diagnosed with tumor on both ovary and undergone hystherectomy.  For unknown reasons but she suspect that was probably caused by her highly stressed, tensed self and unrealistic idealism.  She also took lots of pills believing that would give her youthful aura.  Anyway, she learned her lessons the hard way and accepted reality.

        That  1. we cannot fight aging.  It is the character that
                     matters and how many our life has touched      
                     through our right living and sound disposition.
                 2. being certain of our salvation through faith 
                     alone in Christ alone, gave us rest in our soul.
                 3. right relationships with family, friends & 
                    neighbor will add a peaceful self & environment
                     We never can take for granted people & God's        
                     free salvation
                 4. No matter how long we have lived wrong, there 
                     is time to get right and it's never too late.                                        

Get right with God through His Son Jesus Christ, love His word and you will learn to get right with 
                        "One day  at a time, it is enough! Do not look back & grieve over the past
                        for it is gone; and do not be troubled about the future, for it has not yet come.
                        Live in the present, & make it to be so worth remembering."- Ida Scott Taylor 

In my next blog, 'what happened to her classmate Ferdinand?  These are not their real names.  


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