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Just Awesome!!!  waterfalls...
Hiking to the 7 falls, sweet unstoppable sweat... breathtaking uhhh....

The vibrating excitement, ZIPLINE EXpERIENCE OF 3 siblings..... ohhhhhhhh my!

Motorbike ride from zip back to the memorabilias. store.........owwwwwwww very low price!!!                         
quality products in variety!!! 


Wow!!! restaurants serving different menu of tilapia meat,,,,,,,, so yummmy!!!

Tastes the spicy sweet and sour; broiled packed in banana leaves, boneless just fish fillet...etc,etc..

There is no other tourist destination where the price of food is very low but so delicious really delicious.  more, more, more kinds of food that are non cholesterol, protein rich and so tasty......

The Floating Restaurant

Here you can catch fish.  Ask the cook to weigh then cook the way you want it...
That's pretty luxury but the price is the same, low and affordable to the low income like me (haha)


Row, row. row your boat
Ride with your family and friends.  Bonding everywhere at Lake Sebu with smiles and laughter at the beauty of nature.  Great, great Experience! You can enjoy your vacation, Lake sebu is the place... and besides, you can talk to their smart parrot!!!

There are other many places to go in this T boli ancestral domain and culture park but I have just gone to 2 so far... I thank the couple who sponsored our ride to see these industrious tribe and nature expedition!!! 
Google Lakesebu See the map, the location, the tribe with its rich culture and  details about the place should you be interested to visit...


                         HELP!!!   I'M HURTING

Are you one of the thousands that has a'silent shout'within you? You can hear yourself calling loudly but no one really hears you out?  Here you are showing the world your sweet smile while inside you're breaking...bit by bit you are crushed. You struggle to rise but the more it gripped on you. You really can't by your own! Here's a true story.

How have Rosa & Rema overcame     
        their hurts

 They were 4 & 12 when they were orphaned together with their older sister,14 and an older brother of 10. Their father & mother died in a bus accident. Their uncle came to take care of them which turned out to be a nightmare for every sibling. This uncle was a 'beast' and drug dependent.  Each child was abused terribly beyond what one can imagine a "blood to blood" can do against the norm. As a result as these children are growing they became ruthless, bitter, insecure, liars and vagabond.  They  live in fear & in shame but especially about the secret ordeal they experienced from their uncle. They tasted 'the world' at their very young age but God wasn't done with them.
One time Rosa and Rema were waiting for some customers to take them elsewhere, they happened to overhear a preaching. The man said, "just come to Jesus Christ, don't wait that you will become good or moral.  Come as you are, believe in Him because He already bore our sin on His cross.  These 2 ladies now 14 & 22 got saved by the Gospel.  After 6 months they went to a school of Theology and Rosa to a nearby high school.
      At first both were doing very good in their respective school.  The zeal for the Lord  was unmatched until some later days.  Many of the men young people were lewd and some ladies were on their same old life even from the church.  It was very subtle, they can cover all their secret night life but for not so long.  It was very sad. Someone with real concern, a counselor called their attention one day.

Here's their mind at that time!  Rema and Rosa said, they were certain they have faith and they understood very well the Gospel message.  They knew exactly that they were saved.  They want to pursue good but very helpless to do because their flesh looked for the habit they've been to.  They poured lots and lots of tears and the counselor was teary eyed as she listened to their story.

The counselor said, "is that all you have to tell?" She knows the girls could not name them to her because they were purely ugly traumatic experience of abuse.  Each between sobs and brokenness, little by little they picture their life. The counselor told them that they can truly trust God because He Is truly trustworthy.  So on a daily basis if they can truly commit to live the way of life for the Lord, they must name every sin to God as they need freedom and experience power to do right!

     It was a process indeed. Their path to freedom from personal habitual act was tough. Both understood that the decision is theirs.  Whether they will  follow their feeling of old sinful ways or contend, allowing their mind to reason.  They were asked to drop from school for one year to work on their faith and truly give them the freedom to reason in line with the word of God. It was not easy! They stumbled and fell and rose until such time that their understanding and commitment became a reality!

     They left and for 4 years never knew of their whereabouts.  Until Rema texted that she's now a professional teacher with a Christian husband.  She can talk anything under the sun without covering shameful acts that happened to her.  She doesn't want it to happen to any other child.  Rosa on the other hand still wandered and got a love child.  However she too realized that she must live right. She came to acknowledge that God can make it if His word will make a sense in the mind. They now can live on a daily basis entrusting to God their burden, victories and commitment. She is finishing a 2-year course in cooking. Their eldest sister has a family but still lives in bitterness and misgivings.  She tends to hurt her children and husband.  Their brother got entangled with the law for illegal possession of firearm. The uncle was dead! Rosa and Rema are praying and helping their sister & brothers & others to be led to freedom from self and hatred.  The battle is in the mind for every person. We all can place our weakness in the mighty hand of our Creator. They agree that they still contend with their past experiences but the triumph is believing that God does and obeying what He says in the Bible. 

"Brethren, I do not consider that I have made it my own. But one thing I do: forgetting what lies behind and straining forward what lies ahead. I press on toward the goal for the prize of the upward call of God in Christ Jesus. Only let let us hold true to what we have attained."-Philippians 3:12-14

           Take time to look inside of you.  There is nothing hard for the Lord, come to Him as you are! He died, was buried and rose again so that you will not live in sin & in defeat.  The first phase is Believing, it takes a second. The second phase is growing in line with God's mind, and it takes a life time! 

           Quote from Rosa & Rema..."when we focus on self, the pain goes on and on but if we focus on Christ and what He is saying, there is no more pain and no more hurts.  We have triumphed through Him and our life become fruitful, productive and helping others as well."

                   When your life is over burdened and you don't
                   know what to do, God is a call away, every
                   one needs Him, for salvation, comfort, & live!                     

Monday, December 27, 2010

Today, he Is 16

                                               HAPPY BIRTHDAY KNOTS

                As far as mom can recall:  You are well anticipated as youngest member of the family!  We prayed, God answered!  God gave a gift to our family; a real bundle of joy.  You were born a little days short but very normal and healthy, in fact, the most handsome in the nursery room.  [haha]  After 3 days, we checked out from LMHospital backed to our home.  You just wanted to be cuddled and just kept crying loudly.  At 5 days old, you fell out of bed when your mom was deep asleep because of exhaustion, still recovering from CS section and she lost her grip of you.  Dad was at far north, fulfilling his evangelism crusade to the folks there since it was 6 months prior schedule.

                At a time you started to crawl, a 2 year old toddler brought you to an enclosed room and tried to hurt you so badly. Nobody noticed that but you triumphantly got out of the room and demonstrated how you were hurled and kicked and pushed just by action and babbling mouth.  Mom and Dad were in tears in how you managed to free yourself from such danger.  Very sorry for that and so thankful for God's protection over you.  

                 The moment you can speak, you also memorized "Amazing Grace", the song dad sang to your unformed or being processed in the womb, throughout mom's conception.  It's very amazing that up until today, you love this song so much and you sing,expressing well its thought.  You love to sing and play instruments since that very young age.  You wrote your name at age 3 and read at 5 years old.  Remember Grace, the Korean visitor, she was 2 and you were 3 when you save her from drowning!?  There was a pond and she followed the duck gracefully swimming.  Being a good swimmer at 3 you rescued her, and her parents were so grateful.  We were at awe that you did an extraordinary help at 3 when other children older than you were present there. It's God's work indeed. 

                During your elementary grades you were always awarded "the most friendly", "Best in Music"and "Leadership award" during the end of the school year recognition program.  You always surprised us and your teachers at those oratorical speeches you joined in. Your voice and clear diction made you always stand out from the rest. Your character is truly one exceptional because of your kindness, sincerity and you know when to speak and when to keep silence.  You graduated valedictorian in grade six at 11 years old. Congratulations!

                You were freshman in high school when your dad was taken back to glory!  Your best friend and mentor left you with a legacy, the Bible and The God of it, Jesus Christ.  This was tough time because there was a void left within your heart.  However, after some days you were able to move on and to study normally.  You were left with a mom, a sister and older brother that are all supportive and loving you very much. There are friends, relatives and brethren that love you!  Your teachers also took notice of your relaxed and cool, firm & strong-willed personality.  Inspite and despite of the odds in life, you still won in singing, in science and spelling bee contests.  You graduated in high school as 1st Honorable Mention. These are all gifts from God, and we give Him all the glory.

                 Now you are freshman in college, a budding 16 years old full of wit and dreams.  But alas, you have chosen the most noble field of preparing yourself into the ministry God has chosen for you.  Keep going in the grace of God remembering that God has already given you all spiritual blessings in Christ Jesus Our Lord.  "Blessed be the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, who hath blessed us with all spiritual blessings in heavenly places in Christ."- Ephesians 1:3
Prayers go with you.  God watches over you, He Is your power, Wisdom and Great Provider!

Ephesians 1:19-23; 2:14; 3:7; 4:13-17; Philippians 1:6; 3:10-14; Colossians 3:1; Galatians 6:7
                                                  Happy birthday Aknotz!

Sunday, December 26, 2010


He Has the Birthday, We Get the Gift

"Monogenes" - He Is Uniquely God-Man; one and only of a kind; The only begotten   
 Old Testament & New Testament Aptly Described HIM (copied from docs)

                     In Genesis - He's The Seed of the woman.  
                     In Exodus - He Is The Passover Lamb.  
                     In Leviticus - He Is The Scapegoat.  
                     In Numbers - He Is The Serpent lifted up.  
                     Deuteronomy  - He Is The Cities of Refuge.  
                     In Joshua - He Is The Scarlet Thread on Rahab's.  
                     In Judges -  He Is The Perfect Judge.  
                     In Ruth -  He Is The Kinsman Redeemer.  
                     In 1 & 2 Samuel -  He Is The Trusted Prophet and                                            
                                                    True Son of God.  
                     In 1 & 2 Kings - He Is The Promise Keeper and A   
                                                  Jealous God. 
                     In 1 & 2 Chronicles - He Is The Reigning King and 
                                                         and Deliverer!
                     In Ezra - He Is The Faithful Scribe.  
                     In Nehemiah - He Is The Rebuilder of broken walls.  
                     In Esther - He Is The Mordecai at the gate.  
                     In Job - He Is The Redeemer Who Lives!  
                     In Psalms - He Is The Lord, Who Is my Shepherd.  
                     In Proverbs - He Is The Wisdom.  In Ecclesiastes, 
                                             He Is our True Satisfaction. 
                     In Song of Solomon -He Is The Beautiful.  
                     In Isaiah - He Is The suffering Servant.  
                     Jeremiah - He Is The Righteous Branch.  
                     In Lamentations -He Is The weeping prophet.  
                     In Ezekiel - He Is The Son of man.  
                     In Daniel - He Is The 4th man in the furnace.  
                     In Hosea - He's The Faithful Husband.  
                     In Joel - He Is The One Who Restores.
                     In Amos - He Is The burden-bearer.
                     In Obadiah - He Is The Mighty Judge.  
                     In Jonah - He Is the foreign missionary.  
                     In Micah - He Is our peace.  
                     In Habakuk - He Is 'The Lord in His holy temple'.  
                     In Zephaniah - He Is The Lord, mighty to save.  
                     In Haggai - He Is The Lord of hosts.  
                     In Zechariah - He Is The Fountain of cleansing.  
                     In Malachi - He Is The Sun of Righteousness. 

                     In Matthew - He Is The Promised Messiah.  
                     In Mark - He Is The Faithful Servant.  
                     In Luke - He Is The Friend of sinners.  
                     In John - He Is The Son of God.  
                     In Acts - He Is The Ascended Lord.  
                     In Romans - He Is The Justifier. 
                     In 1 & 2 Corinthians - He Is The God of all comfort.  
                     In Galatians - He Is The Redeemer from the curse of 
                                             the Law. 
                     In Ephesians - He Is The Head of the church. 
                     In Philippians - He's The All-Sufficient Christ.  
                     In Colossians - He Is The Fullness of God.  
                     In 1 & 2 Thessalonians - He Is The coming Lord and 
                                                                The Coming Judge.  
                  In 1 & 2 Timothy - He Is our Mediator and our Master.  
                     In Titus - He Is The Blessed Hope.  
                     In Philemon - He Is Payment for our sin-debt.  
                     In Hebrews - He Is The great High-priest.  
                     In James - He Is The Judge standing at the door.  
                     In 1 & 2 Peter - He Is The Chief Shepherd and The 
                                                 Morning Star.  
                     In 1, 2 & 3 John - He Is The Word of Life;  
                                                    The Bridegroom & The Truth. 
                     In Jude - He Is the King coming with the church. 
                    In Revelation - He Is King of King and Lord of Lords!  

The creation revolves around His sovereignty, freedom and time

          The Creator; The Unique Son of God, chose to be born in a lowly manger in order for Him to die for our inherent sin.  He gave His life to all, He give eternal life only to those who believes in His death, burial and resurrection.  He continues to give us      spiritual blessing and material needs beside. 






Monday, December 20, 2010


                                                                HUSH THAT ENERGY

As Christmas day is approaching, the hyperactivity especially of moms are very rampant and observable wherever and whenever places to go.  The department stores and groceries are full of pushy and hurrying people during this time of the year. We can always take notice the big change of movements and behavior  amongst thousands.  Extravagant spending causes stress and pressures that have entered the way of life, the home and work places and the unmindful individuals which are perhaps more than those 'in control' of things and budgets.  How sad!

Let's think about?  Why will Christmas brings distress instead of relief? Why will it add heaviness and debts instead of freedom and gladness? Have someone redefined it's one and only meaning, effect and influence?  Let's have a quick recall and look back, probably create the picture in our minds.  

Behold! God The Son Became Flesh!
  • 31/2 BC, The Only Begotten Son of God was born in a lowly  manger.                                                             
  • The angels said, "fear not"; "glory"; "be still"                                                                                                                   
  • Don't fear or loss courage/ don't be discouraged
  • Glory!!! or be joyful; Be still or relax/stop worrying!                                                     
  • It is Happy birthday of Jesus Christ, The only Saviour of mankind,
  • God incarnate! God in flesh! because of His love for every human.                
  • When he was 33 years old, He gave up His life on that rugged cross, to pay     for every single sin that man can commit starting from Adam to the last person that will live on this planet earth.  His humanity is now about 2,010 plus years old; this is the Christmas! 
  • For Him to give humankind His life and a full victory over sin, death and the devil. Jesus Christ body was buried but on the 3rd day He rose again! This is His best and perfect gift to man!

Faith on the Gospel message gives peace instead of confusion.  It brings joy instead of misery. It brings order and harmony instead of upheaval.

It brings courage instead of fear. And the package deal, when He gave His dear life to man, He gave security eternal for anyone who believes.  He gave eternal life instead of insecurities.  He turns sorrows into joy; darkness into brightness and emptiness into blessedness. This is supposed to be our pattern in our days and age!

If any of us can grasp it's true meaning, then unnecessary cares and hurrying can be done away with. Elizabeth and Mary found and understood that.   They burst into singing praises and filled their lives with faith rests and calmness in their busy work.  Zechariah, the priest became dumb and mute because of His unbelief.  Herod became very deceiving-trying to outwit even the wise men, angry and ruthless because he didn't know Jesus Christ! Restlessness was the image of King Herod!

Shopping, gifts giving and merrymaking will only find meaning if first we have understood the meaning of Christmas.  Living within our means will be an effect.  Moms modelling the gentle spirit can influence their kids to have a restful and brave life then being generous as an attitude of the heart but not pleasing men. There's joy from within no matter how little we have or challenges surround us.

Enjoy the rest of the preparations, Christmas is 5-days away! A merriest Christmas everyone minus the hustling, bustling and jostling!      

Thursday, December 16, 2010


His Short Biography

Born in Davao City in 1957 May 17.  The 3rd and youngest among 3 siblings and only son. His mother, a member of US veteran nurse, told her story that she asked God to give her a boy child that would serve and love God.  She gave birth to a son at  40. His father was a farmer.  He has two older sisters.  

Psalm 139:16 "Thine eyes did see my substance, yet being unperfect; and in Thy book all Thy members were written, which in continuance were fashioned, when as yet there was none of them. How precious also are Thy thoughts unto me, Oh God!"

His Formal Education

Kindergarten: Pag-Asa UCCP Preschool
1st grade: PWU Phil Women University, Davao city
2nd & 3rd grade: Siliman University, Dumaguete City
Graduated Elementary & High School: Christian Academy of Manila, Nagtahan, MM

College major in Literature: Shelton College, Florida, USA
Masteral Course: MA in Theology, Faith Seminary, New Jersey, PA
He came back to take care of his ailing mother.  He pastored and planted churches but always reminded people that he was just an instrument that His plan and purposes are done in some particular places at those times through him.

Got married: March 16, 1987 in Philippines 
Children: 3, eldest daughter followed by two sons

Unknown to many:
  • 1966 he was chosen to be one of the children to welcome the visit of the late Pres. Ferdinand Marcos. At the airport arena in Davao city, he was carried singlehandedly by then president of the land.
  • At 10 years old he was one of the children singer in FAT Folk Arts Theater by then First Lady I. Marcos.  He was one of the few selected after those difficult auditions for about a hundred children. 
  • Got saved in a youth camp at about 14 years old directed by Pastor Ed Ormeo.
  • 1986, he prayed that  Mrs. Corazon Aquino becomes the country's president.
  • During his elementary and high school, he was awarded the best in Guitar playing (plucking) classical songs. 
  • At 16 y.o, was with the student team, visited Jerusalem, Israel with their Regent, Dr. Carl Mc Intire who preached, "you now stand where Jesus once stood, walking where he used to walk but will you follow in His footsteps?"   He said this was his turning point not to quit his studies & made that decision to serve The Lord wholeheartedly. 
  • In 1986 he was already a pastor, won first prize in interpreting a commercial song for Barclay products held at Rizal Theater, Manila.   He was a soloist.
  • Trials and testings in his life and service were not few which he contended with faith, joy and hope in God.  He suffered many hardships,persecutions on account of his faith , animosities and indifference from people with much tears & prayers.
  • Never once complained about his illness, he accepted his life with bravery and courage, the way God meant it to be. 
His Work and Passion:

The Word of God is what keeps him busy in his studies everyday.  He owns a library and electronic gadgets was where he invest time and money.  He pastored 3 churches, planted several in coastal and remote places for Christians there.  He was speaker to youth camps, Bible conferences and a Bible School teacher.  He was a super dynamic preacher,  fiery speaker and very compassionate friend.   He is a sought after singer in weddings, congress and confabs. During college, he was their only foreign student member of their school choir in Shelton College, Florida.  He was a national church planter who worked with the Independent Gospel Missions (IGM) based in Rochester, New York.  His field of missions is Mindanao, Philippines particularly Sta. Maria town and her villages, coastal, mountain tribes and local barangays. 

To his family:

A superb family man! A loving husband to his wife and responsible father to his children.  He was a great provider, thoughtful at all times and never forgot especial occasions, not one.  He saw to it that his family is partner to his ministry and part of his flock.  He was always thankful and expressive of his love and attachment with his beloved ones.  He trained them to be independent, studious, hard worker and voluntary in their love and work for the Lord.  He shew them by his life example how to live the faith that he confesses.

His flock:

Remember his sacrifices all throughout those hard years.  He would take children to church for Sunday School. He would take adults to Church and bring them back home.  He would feed the hungry.   He loved people so much especially their salvation and was a magnet and life of the party.  He would go miles and miles  extra to help mankind and allow them to hear the Gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ.  He oftentimes reminded his flock and family that God was his first love above all else. 

He founded the Morning Star Academy, established in 1990, a Christian school for the basic education for children from all walks of life preparing them to live on earth to have a good life, successful work and preparing them for eternity by their faith in Jesus Christ.