Tuesday, January 11, 2011



                    Have you experienced moving to another place to
 stay for good?  Most do! Children & young people especially the outgoing type easily find their niche & pals in a new neighborhood or school and workplace.  Very seldom these younger ones are distressed the way older do. Both however, miss and desire to return back from where they used to live &  grow   where the memory lingers on, if that will be possible.

                         Battling emotions is hard for others & easy for some.  Good for the practical men & women who always are looking for positive things in their new abode.  The melancholy type personality usually will take longer days to cope.  It is always necessary for them to find someone to listen to about their woes and busy themselves in chores then adjustment follows.

                        New neighbors who extend a warm welcome for 
the new comers & residents really help & show great hope & encouragement.  Classmates who befriend the new enrollees shun lots of fears & anxiety.       Co workers who accept their new 
officemates will make a great difference in their lives.  Church people who show acceptance to new faces & visitors by sharing Bible and songbook means a lot.  Imagine, for a little discomfort and little effort to show compassion and smile in helping people adjust, you have eased the burden, brought courage, laughter & new beginnings...for others.  Just a little time for others, who knows we will find another real friend, if not, there is nothing to lose, we gain an acquaintance. ^O^

(Part I of other forms of adjustments)


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