Sunday, December 25, 2011

The Promise of God

An Anchor for our Soul

"So that by two unchangeable things in which it is impossible for God to lie, we who have taken refuge would have strong encouragement to take hold of the hope set before us. This hope we have as an anchor of the soul, both sure and steadfast...."- Hebrews 6:18 & 19

To Adam

"And I will put enmity between you and the woman, and between your seed and her SEED; He shall bruise you on the head and you shall bruise Him on the heel." Genesis 3:15

"The LORD God made garments of skin for Adam and his wife and clothed them." Genesis 3:21
                                               (the first animal butchered by God that bled)
                                               Has this any significance on your personal faith in God?

To Abraham

"And I will bless those who bless you, and the one who curses you I will curse. And in you all the families of the earth will be blessed." Genesis 12:3

                    For what does the Scriptures say? "Abraham believed GOD, and it was credited
                    to him as righteousness."- Romans 4:3 ...that He might be the father of all who 
                    follow in the steps of faith..."- Romans 4
                                                  Has this any significance on your personal faith in God?

To Israel
                   Moses and the Law > those who believe were awaiting for the Savior
                   prophesied in the Old testament age. They were offering and killing animals
                   to cover their sins. They were following the rules set forth which were tedious and
                   very difficult for the nation of Israel. 
                   "But as for you Bethlehem, Ephrathah, though thou be little among the clans of
                    Judah, from you will come forth to be the Ruler of Israel, Whose from everlasting."
                    - Micah 5:2 

                   Therefore the Lord Himself will give you a sign: Behold! a virgin will be with 
                   child and bear a son, and she will call His Name Immanuel.-  Isaiah 7:14

                   For a child will be born to us, a son will be given to us; and the government will
                   rest on His shoulders; and His Name will be called Wonderful, Counselor, Mighty
                   God, Father of eternity, Prince of peace- on the throne of David and over His
                   kingdom, to establish it and to uphold it with righteousness, from then on and
                   forevermore. The zeal of the Lord of hosts will accomplish this.- Isaiah 9:6 & 7
                                                         Has this any significance on your personal faith in God?

His fulfillment

                   Matthew 1:23 Immanuel means "God with us"

                   Luke 2:7-14 And she gave birth to her firstborn son...angels surround the shepherds 
                   who were sore afraid. But the angel said to them, "Do not be afraid: for behold,
                   I bring you good news of great joy which will be for all the people; the city of
                   David  has been born to you a Saviour, Who Is Christ The Lord...

for everyone, for us                            

                   Jesus is the messiah in Hebrew, the Christus in Greek and Savior in English.

                    Acts 4:12 "And there is salvation in no one else; for there is no other Name that 
                    has been given among men by which we must be saved."

                    He grew without a single sin, and at 33 1/2 He was crucified for all the sin
                    of the people past, present and future. He was buried and after three days
                    He arose.

                    It is by faith alone in Him, Jesus Christ the God-man, the only object of salvation and 
                    faith in His work on the cross. This is the grace of God. His works not ours. No 
                    amount of man's good work can please God, only faith... Hebrews 11:6 "And without 
                    faith it is impossible to please God..."
                                                                  Has this any significance on your personal faith in God?

                    Jesus Christ, The preexistent God like The Father and Holy Spirit, was born 
                    between 4 to 5 B.C. Isn't it great to think that both Jews and Gentiles 
                    calendar changed from that day onward following Jesus birth on that 
                    manger? Who can perform this but also God alone! Well, HAPPY 
                    BIRTHDAY LORD JESUS!  The exact month & day we do not know but the 
                    world celebrates it on the 25th of December.

                    He is the image of the invisible God, the first born of every creation.
                    For by Him all things were created, both in the heavens and on earth, visible 
                    and invisible, whether thrones or dominions or rulers or authorities- all 
                    things have been created through Him and for Him. He Is before all things 
                    and in Him all things hold together.- Colosians1:15-17

                                                          He died for us, was buried
                                                                      He arose
                                                           went up to Heaven & coming
                                                           again in the clouds to gather
                                                           those who put  their faith   in

Thursday, December 22, 2011

Bon Voyage & Till We Meet Again

Remembering the man who lived on May 17, 1957 until December 16, 2006 

This is what happened to my most beloved man, next to my salvation I always thank God he is that man for me, my better half. This blog I dedicate to him as I remember the time of his departure to glory.  Let me talk as if directly to him.

It is so amazing that your birthday coincides with your grandmother, your rector and your mom-in-law(my mom), no wonder you got a unique bonding among them. You eagerly went home after nearly 10 years from studying abroad to take care of your ailing mother knowing that you can have a better life if you waited for a resident position there. This got a great commendation in my heart for you.  Your mom told me this and saw it with my two eyes. You were there prince at home being the youngest and the only son. She asked for a son to serve Him full time. Until your High School you were closely and lovingly cared for. However in college, away from home a million miles,  you became a work scholar. You were assigned in the kitchen and cleaner of the hallway. Your exact height-  was it 5 ft tall (oh boy) and the pots and pans were way taller than you? you've got to wash them several times a day.  You were reprimanded because the first time you used the push broom you used it like the hard broom way back in our country. I laughed with tears rolling down my face. However, those hard days made you the exact man God molded to do His work in this part of the globe. This page will not accommodate if I will enumerate your insurmountable hardships  in your college and post graduate life that you said many instances you wanted to give up. Then several men of God encouraged and helped you adjust until you were able  and became exceptional with your studies too. Well, I happened to read one letter from your professor back in your Florida school in college. Added to that was your chancellor's gift to you and your classmates for a  free trip to the land of Israel particularly in the town of Bethlehem and Galilee.  You said you were challenged to follow the steps of Jesus, being humble and obscure in His omniscience. 
                                                                                                                                                         God gave you and me 3 wonderful kids. You were very hands on in caring and keeping them grow up in an environment of safe and where true learning takes place. You evangelize them over and over making sure they understand and believe the Gospel. You encouraged them to become medical doctors. You influenced them in the field of music and deep studies of the Bible.  You showed us that life is hard but laughter is free. Attitude is what matters most you said.   I love that and saw your concern for people. There is not one person who can get inside the house without hearing the Gospel even students. You were so concern with the young  people, the children, the adults, the widows and orphans. When at night you recognized the drunk on the road you accompanied them safely to their home not minding the smell of their vomits spread on your shirt. When you passed by a person depressed with their vehicle that broke down on the highway, you were towing them to the nearest mechanic shop. You said perhaps there is a way for you to share the Gospel if they are seekers of God. At home, your personal study was incomparable. A library of more than 3000 books was enough to occupy the day when you stay at home reading, studying, researching.  This got a great impact on the young minds of our children, their love for reading and challenging themselves for deeper knowledge is noteworthy.  This opened my life also to increase in learning and to pursue truth that changes lives.

 Studies at home, family fun, church, camps and seminars during school vacations. You showed great leadership.  You freely shared your skills, talents and resources actively as you expect others to offer their God given potentials as well.  You challenged me to just offer my best for God, studying because you said one day I will understand my spiritual gift and God will develop me according to His plan if I am fully surrendered to Him. Wait! you also had many weaknesses like being impatient when people were not following rules in a certain place.  You were irritated with drivers who blows horn very loud and others. This was our life before you became ill.  In all those times I never heard you complained. I will just hear your feelings when you describe them to the doctors as they get history of your health and were trying to diagnose on you.  One time you were misdiagnosed. It was still far from my mind that you were leaving for glory.  Your preaching and teaching on those times became intense reminding us that Heaven is real. That we will see Christ face to face and will spend a million years in awe of His majesty. 

Eight months before that December your doctor finally came up with the biopsy result, it was cancer.  Yours was a fatty liver organ. What a shock! Yes, it can happen to people with zero content of any alcoholic drink. You never had cirrhosis. The doctors declared maybe it is because of too much oily food especially from street foods, genetics or an exposure to some radiation. We can never be certain about this. The funny side is that you were more than eager to see the beauty of the second life. Your prayer was to take you home with God before you will lose weight and people might not recognize your frail body. You shared with some friends your excitement to go but your worry was me, a weak wife because I could not bear to see you go and I wont. I pleaded with God. However on 16th December 2006, God answered your prayer.  After twice revived by electric shock, I came to my mind and gave you up to Him who made you and who can love you better than I.  You still managed to give a smile with tears rolling your eyes when you heard my voice giving you back to God and thanking Him for sharing you with me.  I promised you,  I will manage and help the kids grow  well.  I praise God for the strength and guidance on that day onward.

                                                  2:10 AM you were declared gone to eternity. I saw your body wrapped in white cloth right in front of me and your sister. How good she was to read the Bible all throughout that night. I thank my friend who accompanied you to the morgue but Oh I asked the hospital not to place you in their freezer.  More friends joined me to bring you to the funeral parlor to wash and embalm your body. At 4:00 AM while I was waiting for the cashier, the hospital office played the song, "It's Christmas my love, I am looking for you and missing..." (Pasko na sinta ko in our dialect). Outside, I know it was one sunny day but all the colors I saw was literally gray everywhere.  I could not explain but emotions change senses as I experienced it but then I asked God for grace to keep my mind sane and working. That happened! The influx of many friends and loved ones and their messages from God's word brought comfort to me and our children.  I finally realized that you are indeed completely healed by God, free from pain, from problems and earthly concerns. Indeed what an answer to our prayers!
Now it's been 5 years. We have moved on by God's grace. Your desire and prayers for us are almost tangible. Faith is substance according to Hebrews.  I don't stop missing you and thank God for you.  Someday we'll see you there, can you meet me at the front door?

We met in 1984, became very good and best friends in 1985, became
lovers and engaged in 1986 and finally tie the knot in 1987. Our lives together was not perfect on a daily basis but majority of our days together were perfectly great. He is a so funny guy being full of humor and gentleness. We agreed that our first love would be God and to serve Him in a ministry He initiated for us.  We also agreed to give preference to each other and speak our minds out in a constructive way as much as we can. Let this find something a little worthwhile to those who may drop by and read..

Wednesday, December 14, 2011



How can a terminal illness affect your life? If the victim is your most beloved spouse how would you manage to deal with the situation? If he is your child how can you bear? As a spouse or parent you can either help or hasten the demise of your loved one.  Worse, you too will soon be ill.

Illness always comes like a thief at a time that you never expect, much more never wanted! Composure is a must for you if you are the healthy and the strong. Pray, ask God for direction what hospital and who to consult regarding physicians. Never show your disappointment why he or she got sick in a time of too much difficulty and crisis. Always ask God's grace to be cheerful, decisive and optimistic. You must know how to speak and when to keep silent. Express how much you love; enjoy taking care of him or her. Remember, ill people are very sensitive and are easily infected with other kinds of diseases.You must always have the wisdom when and who to accept visitations. Be sure that they will give positive outlook for your patient. Always remind every family member to show love and concern with well-meaning words to hasten recovery. There must be lots of nutritious foods in a cheerful and peaceful neat room. The room ambiance adds to the emotions with a music that lifts God for healing and revival.

There are days that the ill will be very weak and very helpless. Never vent your hurts in front of him or her. Go to God to a place that you can cry, to a person that you trust until you can regain yourself. Go back to him or her to care with a smile and with love. Your own health being the caregiver is very important so try to eat well taking supplements too. You cannot be sick as well nor you want to be a carrier of infections. Talk about anything of interests to your patient. Read the 'get well soon cards', notes and text messages. Show him photos to perk his feelings. Read to him or her the Bible which is the spiritual food of the soul. If he wants to receive calls, go ahead. Show hope so that he or she will have a goal to be up quickly.

Habitually, update friends and loved ones with your patient's hospital record. You and your family need a lot of prayers, encouragements and financial helps in such a time as this. It will surprise you, all the aids will just flow on you. Always thank God for your loved one who is ill and commit him or her to God. Thank the doctors everyday, pray for them and the medicines. Pray for a stable and courageous mind to plan whenever the most fearful time comes, his or her death .Where will you bring for the embalment, for the funeral and the final rest.

Every second though as long as there is breath, expect God to give His miracle and restore to normal life.

It is tough, it is draining. We can only live one day at a time. We all should remember that every man has an end. How will that happen? We all don't know, that is why it is vital for us to save some money for those times when our health will fail, or when we are aged, or come unexpected terminal illness, and even to help loved ones or friends in dire need. Don't ignore or run away, face reality by the grace of The Almighty!

For me to live is Christ and to die is gain.
Philippians 1:21

This is written from the blogger's own experience. Hoping that every reader will appreciate his or her loved ones and his or her health as well while your time allows. Also praying that my blog tomorrow will be about the anniversary of my departed's great to blog when there is a purpose...

Tuesday, December 6, 2011



 Recently, there were  lots of self examinations I made.                    
 I have been to several funeral services of people with different ages.  Lifeless, the real persons were gone.  All that was left were the physical bodies which cannot do any physical gestures anymore.  It was a tough sight to see loved ones crying over the corpse but that's the only emotional release and nothing to help raise the breathless body back to life. This scene captured longer times in my imagination. I found myself scribbling the image where the mind and voice departing out from the body.  I smile when I hear the voice of singing praises but feels a cold blood rushing my back when I imagine people screaming, battling against their destiny,  clinging on to stay in the body and on this planet earth.
                         I thought over and over that this body that we can see is just a container of our true person with the traits. The body is the visible part to identify the person inside who cannot be seen. The person inside of the body has a distinct voice, can see, feel and reason. As long as Creator God allows this person to live, the body functions, speaks, eat, works, moves, breathes....

                      This retrospection carried me to a greater awe of God's genius about His creating power especially about His masterpiece, man.  I have stayed with a number until their last breath were taken.  They that called upon the name of the Lord Jesus Christ and claimed to know God personally and have put their faith on His work on the cross were very calm even those dying with cancer. I saw those that hated to die, to leave their body,  were cursing, blaming God, yet, still died while being very restless, afraid and fighting longer for their last breath.
                         My retrospection ended up with a much appreciation that all people on earth are not an accident. God has left an instruction manual, the Bible that if we really seek Him, His grace is available at all times.  We cannot forever be narcissistic following our own whims and qualms but humbly submit to the eternal intention of our Maker why He created man. He wants an intimate fellowship and this is only possible if we believe in the Reconciler, Jesus Christ Himself who lives without beginning and without end but submitted to become flesh to show us His love. 
                           Forever grateful... that while our outward body will die one day, our self,  the inner person will enjoy with God forever and ever. What peace, what joy, what hope do we have in Him...He Who promised to us is faithful!

Ecclesiastes 7:2 "It is better to go to the house of mourning, than to go to the house of feasting: for that is the end of all men; and the living will consider his heart." 

The Gospel unto salvation is: The Second Person of the Godhead, Jesus Christ became man died on the cross to pay the penalty of sin (original sin in Adam), He died was buried and rose again.  Anyone who takes this by faith,  God guarantees eternal life of his soul to be with Him in Heaven. [Romans 1:16]

Friday, July 15, 2011

Planting in season or out of season

what is sown is reaped:

If you plant honesty, You will reap trust.
If you plant goodness, You will reap friends.
If you plant humiIlity, You will reap greatness.
If you plant perseverance, You will reap victory.
If you plant consideration, You will reap harmony.
...If you plant hard work, You will reap success.
If you plant forgiveness, You will reap reconciliation.
If you plant openness, You will reap intimacy.
If you plant patience, You will reap improvements.
If you plant faith, You will reap miracles


   If you plant dishonesty, You will reap distrust.
If you plant selfishness, You will reap loneliness
If you plant pride, You will reap destruction.
If you plant envy, You will reap trouble.
If you plant laziness, You will reap stagnation.
If you plant bitterness, You will reap isolation.
If you plant greed, You will reap loss.
If you plant gossip, You will reap enemies.
If you plant worries, You will reap wrinkles.
If you plant sin, You will reap guilt.

So be careful what you plant will determine what you will reap tomorrow. The seeds you now scatter, will make life worse or better.
Yes, someday, you will enjoy the fruits,
or you will pay for the choices you plant today. (copied)
you plant today.
Author: Unknown

Saturday, June 18, 2011


      Majority of the nations in the world are celebrating Father's Day remembering the goodness of a dad and his role for his family.                                       
      On the other hand, I wonder if how many think of the many children who never really experienced the presence, the love and care of a father.  It is a sad and painful celebration for them while the intention was to have a happy honoring of fathers once every year on June.

      There are two types indeed of a father, the good and the bad.  Good fathers are those who reflect the character of Father God in Heaven.  He plans, loves without restraint, takes care of His family, disciplines, a provider and protector!  The bad are those who abandoned, abused, inflict punishments, don't provide and never protect.  My heart goes for them. I am thankful to have my  own good father. He was born on February 15, 1906 until July 9, 1988. And here's his story.

      His father (my grandfather) was orphaned at age 13. He told a story to my father before he died that his uncle, after the burial of his parents treated them very harshly like slaves.  They belonged to a middle class family and as far as he could recall they were left with large acres of land.  My grandfather and his sister could not bear the ordeal of the hard labor day in and day out.  They left, ran away from home and carried only very few clothes and little amount of money what teenager the best they could think of is to flee.  They came to a mountain area, the 10th town next to their hometown where nobody from relatives can find. There, they decided to live with an old lady who showed favor, gave them place in her own hut. They lived together and she was like real mother to them, teaching them the way to work and character building.  My grandfather's sister died after 2 months living on mountain. She was only 10 years old. The old lady died when he was 27 and left him a small land to till as a farmer and a carabao, a native water buffalo. He married my grandmother who gave birth to my father as the eldest of 6 children.                
My grandmother died when my father was 8 years old. He was in first grade in a mountain. They were hiking 10 kilometers to get to school, 20 in all everyday.  When his mother died, he was not able to finish grade 1. Five years later his father (my grandfather) died as well, leaving to my father 5 siblings aged 11, 9, 7, 6, and 5 years old, never ever able to see again where he came from, his own father's legacy and his uncle.  Before the first death anniversary of his father, 2 of my father's youngest sisters died of malaria.  My father, a responsible 13 year old boy tried all he can to raise his living younger sisters and brother. He would often scraped coconut, took the coco milk and ate the rest for their meals. Their hardship as children were very hard to describe. Every time I recounted, tears just freely welled down my eyes.               

    He promised them they will get education while he tilled their tiny farm. True indeed they finished elementary education.  My father never married until his sister and brother were happily settled with their own family. Their youngest sister remained single and stayed with us until her death at age 86. She got nervous breakdown upon the death of their parents that she never recovered. She was always dependent to my father although she was very kind and was like our second mother.  My father married at the age of 37 to my beautiful mother who was 25 at wedding day. They were married during the II World War. The following year God blessed them with a son. My parents were hiding him under the trunk of a big pilinut tree when warplanes and enemies would get near their abode. Before the war ended, they had 3 children. My father would make oil from coconuts to feed his family. He would carry the oil on 2 big cans, put bamboo to carry on his shoulders and walk 40 kilometers to the highway and sell the oil. He fed his family from hard and honest work. I was 29 years old when God took him to glory in his ripe old age. He was blessed to hold and see my eldest child and other grandchildren. He was so thankful to God for answering his prayers. He was beaming with joy for all his dear children with our own respective family and home.

     I am the 7th of the 8 children of my parents.  As I recall a handsome "mestizo" man in white hair since I have memory of my own,he was 52 years old when I was born. I saw a reliable, strong and responsible father.  He worked so hard planting every variety of crops, sent us all until college.  His passion was for us, his family and education.  When I graduated in college my father was already blind and old from several strokes he succumbed and survived.  Even then even if he could not see, he knew whose voice each of us has. He was so gentle to us and talked anything under the sun assuring us that he was well and in control. My father was always a man of character. He loved my mother so much. He sent us all to school through loans with a Chinese businessman.  He borrowed money in advance before the copra can be delivered. While many farmers opted to find other businessmen to sell their coconuts for higher price in hiding, my father remained loyal to that one Chinese who loaned to him money for our education. He would told us without complaint that the price of his copra was like 50% lower than the prevailing price because of his outstanding loans. He never left any unpaid loan to a single centavo by delivering his copra until all was paid up. That took him years and years of payment and of hard work under the sun. All our neighbors with family, relationships or any kind of problems would seek counsel from my father.  Remember, he did not even finish the first grade.  It is true that in character and difficult experiences comes wisdom. And father was a firm believer of God. His faith was founded on the Lord Jesus Christ and the Holy Scriptures.

     My own father was so well respected the whole of his lifetime.  He never regretted his lot of being so poor materially but rose above that. He inspired us with stories of heroes and Bible characters during our childhood. Every night he told us stories after stories from the characters of the Old and New Testament not counting his weary body. My eldest brother and older sisters were all cum laude when they finished their degree. My youngest brother was top 3 during his national board exam in electrical engineering. My father was so proud of me and defended me from many critics who looked down upon it when I chose to fully serve God as my calling. He was our great fan who believed in what we dream of. He trusted us, believed in our God-given abilities and felt our troubles. Today, I remember my dad, we fondly called him, Papay!
    When he was with us, I had not much expressed how grateful I was to him.  Now that I have full understanding, I don't have him, yet, his way of life and example molded and influenced my life from its core. I thank God forever for giving me my father. I am so blessed! (Mentioning my father's younger sister and brother, they helped us happily and willingly in our studies. They were our good aunt and uncle who died also ahead of my father all in old age).
Ephesians 6:1 "Fathers, do not provoke your children to anger, but bring them up in the discipline and instruction of the Lord."

Sunday, May 8, 2011


Today all mothers in the whole world are being honored simply because they are mothers.  There can be no one on earth without mothers.  God blessed so much that all the living will come through a dear mother.  To celebrate, I will copy some of the text messages I received today, let me share them with you;
                  MOTHER - you are a woman who changes minds, takes chances, turns head, and
                                        listens! You are a woman who remembers, pauses, makes an efforts &
                                        laughs. You are unique, irreplaceable and so real.- From Melody

                 Mother - is a strong person who knows how to keep her life in an orderly manner.
                                 Even with tears in her eyes, she manages to stand tall and say "everything
                                 is just fine."  She gives smile to the weak & shares to the needy.-From Lud

                 Mother - you are a wonderful gift from God to your children.  You are God's hand to
                                mold, protect & train your children to the right living. From Jeany A.
               "Being a mom is what a great privilege! To share an unconditional love!" From Rizza

                 Mother - is made to become unselfish, to be giving and to go an extra mile always.
                                 From Jasmen

                 A mother can handle troubles &  heavy burdens.  She shares happiness, love &
                                opinions...She can smile when she feels like screaming...She sings when 
                                she feels like crying...She touches the weary child and overcome their fears.
                                She points them to Jesus Christ for peace beyond understanding.
                                From Mrs. Jo

                May this day be a day of reflections, of thanksgiving and of worship to God of all the 
                mothers like me.  Happy Celebrations!!! God Who Made moms Is Truly a genius!
And lest i forget: This is a personal note to my 92 year-old mamma.  Her personal life for me & my 
siblings was super extra self-giving to mention.  Giving up her comforts during the wee hours of the day 
to prepare meals for us.  She rises up early when her family was slumbering in bed and goes to bed 
when everybody's in their room and all stuffs in the house are in order.  She loves unconditionally &
her presence is felt whether in happy times or in bad times; when we were behaving or misbehaving.
I salute my mom and love her so. Happy birthday on May 17, 2011 @ 93 y.o

        Proverb 31:10-12 "It is hard to find a good wife, because she is worth more than rubies.
                        Her husband trusts her completely. With her, he has everything he needs.
                        She does him good and not harm for as long as she lives."
        Proverb 31:25-30  "She is strong and is respected by the people. She looks forwards to
                        the future with joy.  She speaks wise words and teaches others to be kind.
                        She watches over her family and never wastes her time.  Her children speak
                        well of her.  Her husband also praises her.  Charm is deceptive and beauty
                        can trick you but A WOMAN WHO FEARS THE LORD MUST BE PRAISED!"

Saturday, May 7, 2011


What's in Blogging?

                                Summer vacation used to be very exciting going to colder places and still will be.  The places are still beautiful; bonding time with family and relatives was still warm and glorious.  There was just one missing link that my heart yearned so badly.  It's blogging!!!  

                                How could you describe that heavy feeling?  While you care and respect the dates and special gathering, you've got an empty space inside you.  It happened to me the last month of April this year.  I missed my blogs! I missed blogging!  I miss you all!

                                You bet my excitement today as I face my desktop computer.  Well I guess, I will pray for a laptop so that wherever I go, I will keep on blogging.  Nonetheless, it is still helpful to assess our directions, our goals, our works, our passions and our attitudes. We can evaluate how we spend our precious time to what matter most to us.  I am very thankful for people, for family, friends and loved ones more than any gadget.  I am very thankful also for technologies that help our lives work faster and more effective.  I am likewise very thankful that blogs can reach out, touch lives, repair, cheer the fainting hearts and revived weakening souls.  This is the blog i want! one that motivates because all potentialities are in every human freely bestowed by Loving God.  I thank The Lord for allowing me to blog just like others.

                                 Now I am happy to be back, my blog will connect us. Just hoping my blogs will etch a little portion in your life. Please watch tomorrow's blog for moms.  Have a wonderful day!!!

Sunday, March 6, 2011


Welcome! or Agony



                                  There are a lot of instant stuffs, those that are giving great reliefs to men especially the busy ones.  Instant coffee, noodles, portrait, INSTANT millionaire??? the list will go on and on and on.  Add to this is the high tech world in our times and age.  Any part of the world can be reached by an instant SMS or email, calls  via satellite  and tv or computer.  We are thankful to these amazing discoveries!

                                  If one is not careful though, he or she would think that everything needs to be instant.  The waiting will be too long; many live impatiently.  The feelings will always rise above the mind. The attitudes will become foul.

Let's learn about the caterpillar inside the Pupa

                                 When an egg of a butterfly is hatched, it becomes a tiny insect.  Before it can become a pretty adult butterfly, it needs to hibernate inside a cocoon for days.  It must be a terrible  experience  to  be  out  of  the  world  and  then   be jailed in a cocoon.       Then an impatient child pass by and tear  opened  the  cocoon  and  came  out  a  butterfly   with damaged  wings  and  body.   All  the  rest   of    this        poor butterfly's life was spent in struggle, trying to  fly  like   the others but she can't.  If only she was allowed to go through the process, she could be the most beautiful one that aids in the flowers pollination.                                                                                                                                                     

              We can also ask, when a little infant is born by her mother, drinks milk for the first time, will that make him a big adult instantly?  Of course not!
Every human needs to be born, nourished and undergo the stages of infancy, toddler, puberty, adolescence and adult. If he is given enough well balanced food and supplements, he will grow big and strong faster than the neglected others. 


                But oh yes, in the spiritual life an instant decision of 'faith alone in Christ alone' makes a sinner instantly a child of God. Nevertheless, spiritual growth takes a process just as well.  Salvation that is,  just gave you a place in heaven.  There is no instant maturity. It takes years of painstakingly studying God's word, apply, undergo tests in life, if fail take retests.  Until we are alive, the personality or the mental, emotional, self consciousness, conscience and choices which is the soul will grow mature if it is nourished with a well balanced teachings from the Scriptures.  The nurturing starts with a mentor but if you can managed already, the responsibility of eating to grow is all yours.
                    That's our cocoon! When the world shuts up itself from us, don't fail to notice God. He wants to train you by Himself in order that you will come out a wonderful person the way God has planned exactly for you! It's dark inside the cocoon of God.  You only need to see with your spiritual eyes and hear with your spiritual ears.  It is just meant for you, God processing you.  He is saying, as long as you struggle, He can't teach you. When you start to relax or have faith rest in Him, He can now give you His lessons.  Are you breaking off or totally rely on His word and grace?

Philippians 1:6 "For I am confident of this very thing, that He Who began a good work in you, will perfect it
                                                             until the day of Jesus Christ!"
Proverb 28:22 "A man with an evil eye hastens after wealth and does not know that want will come upon him.