Friday, February 18, 2011


How Meaningful
                             Each individual person once we reach the age of responsibility, must very well know
                             the importance of being well prepared.  We are born in two worlds, the physical and
                             spiritual or the seen and unseen worlds. The first is temporal & the later is eternal!


                             Happy are the couple who have prepared well for their marriage.
                             Happy are the parents who have made enough preparations for their children.
                             Happy are the children who are obedient to established rules & guidelines.
                             Happy are the students who willingly and seriously study their lessons.
                             Happy are the teachers who are well prepared and knowledgeable in their subject.
                             Happy are the farmers who have well-cultivated their land and planted.
                             Happy are they who have insurances for when they die their family will not suffer.
                             Happy are those who takes daily exercises when joining a race or contests.

                             All of them see the value of preparations and applied them for their own
                             satisfaction.  Uncertainty though is the enemy of it all.  Marriage can collapse!
                             Houses can be washed out; Children will grow and follow their own paths;
                             people can get sick and caught some incurable illnesses; farmers may expect
                             but frustrated by some calamities, likewise insurance deals can turned bankrupt.
                             The worst consequence always come upon those who have not prepared and
                             has no idea how to overcome when something unexpected happen.  

                            Will they break you or challenge you?


                            We are not really preparing for the unexpected devastations. We have
                            set our minds to positive motivations.  Marriage will lasts; children will grow
                            educated, normal & well-balanced; farmers will get bountiful harvests and
                            investments will multiply!  This is faith, even though it is not seen but working
                            towards its realization takes a lot of believing...

                            What and who are you believing for right now that are necessary for your spiritual life?
                                             This life is eternal!

                            Blessed are those who have put their trust in God rather than on temporary 
                                              stuffs in this temporary world even the riches of this world .
                            Blessed are those who have prepared for their eternal abode which is Heaven.
                            To get there, the Bible teaches to have faith alone in Jesus Christ alone!
                            Blessed are the believers who are functioning from the source of their new man
                                                             for their eternal rewards will be many!
                            Blessed are those informed and who are waiting for the coming Head of the Church,
                                                             King of Kings and Lord of Lords!
                            Blessed are they whose lives and character are an impact to humankind, for
                            God sees them fit to participate in His program of resolving the spiritual battle
                                called the angelic conflict!, in the midst of adverse circumstances all around.

                            You may not be so blessed with a happy marriage, a diploma hanged on a wall;
                            a material legacy like land for your children; a great supply of food and money.
                            Even though things do not always work in your favor if you have understood
                            and put your saving faith in the Solid Rock, The Only Saviour & Lord Jesus
                            Christ; This is man's only real security! He has ensured our bright future with Him  
                            eternally. While waiting for Him to call us up or waiting for His coming in the clouds, 
                            let us study/eat His spiritual food, follow His instructions to live & walk by faith and
                            honestly do His will.  All of these are certain without any shadow of doubt.
                            God said it, He will perform it for the benefit of His dear people...Let us therefore
                            take care of our spiritual life because God will take care of both our spirit and body!

Proverb 16:9     " A man's heart devises his course but The Lord directs his steps".
Mark 8:36,37   " For what shall it profit a man, if he shall gain the whole world, and lose his own soul? Or 
                                                         what shall a man give in exchange for his soul?"
1 Timothy 4:8   " For bodily exercise profits little; but godliness is profitable unto all things, having promise
                                                     of the life that now is, and of that which is to come."

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