Tuesday, February 8, 2011



                                  is a simple annoyance or an emotional rage present in every humankind.

                                > It destroys health, stability of mind & relationships of the enraged person.
                                > It stops the thinking process and leads to acts that are regretful in the end.
                                > It gives unnecessary stress and pressures to the person and people around
                                > It makes the person unreasonable, restless and sleepless.
                                > It gives the person wild, false and evil imaginations.
                                > It gives heaviness to the heart and pouting; erasing all the bright smiles.
                                > some become violent, suicidal and vindictive.

                                 Causes might be:

                                 > a discouragement or frustrations of self or from other source
                                 > did not get what he/she wanted most.
                                 > a way to communicate thus will finally be allowed of his/her desire.
                                 > an illness, feeling of pain and hurts, pms and ms for women
                                 > impatience, hatred or  just a dislike to others
                                 > unresolved problems, mistreatment, prejudice and self-pity
                                 > miscommunication, misunderstanding or had an ear on gossips
                                 > had became a habit or being enraged without any reason
                                 These lists of causes and resulting effects can go on and on and on...

                                  The Righteous Indignation

                                   is an anger to the sinful act with a motive to restore the offender and
                                                                              not be destroyed by it.

                                   example: dealing with a person who has the habit of telling lies.
                                                    Your indignation is directed to his/her lies. You have
                                                    forgiven the person but his/her accountability is to earn
                                                    the lost trust by determining to be truthful again.

                                   Even during anger, let us all be objective to the sin or mistakes we are 
                                      angry at, always thinking of the subject's well being and restoration....

                                  Jesus Christ Himself was angry and cannot fellowship with sin!

                               "Be angry, and yet do not sin; do not let the sun go down on your anger."- Ephesians 4:26

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