Wednesday, February 2, 2011


 Understanding Love                                

                           LOVE EXPLAINED

                            God Is the Model for 'love'
                            Love is one of His attributes.
                            Agape love respects freedom
                            God deals with the whole mankind with this love.

                            Phileo is brotherly love
                            God wants a personal relationship with every man.
                           Those who have faith in Him.
                            He loves them eternally.
                            Love is the character of God.
                            Patient, kind, and does not rejoice in unrighteousness.
                            Is gentle, forgiving, able to suffer;
                            Rejoices with the truth and enduring.

                            This character love grows and abound.
                            When the persons know each other for real.
                            God absolutely knows those Who are His.
                            But how can we love God if we don't personally know Him?

  Most of mankind has is emotional love.
  An attraction waiting for reciprocation, 
  A feeling of endearment and closeness.
  An expression to friends or mates and  loved ones.

 Love never ceases, not just an appreciation.
 Not just on outward appearance,
 It is an attitude of the heart.
  Love is respect that never quits.


Love is obedience...

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