Wednesday, February 9, 2011


Crippling Fear                                                       

                                      Fear is both healthy and unhealthy.  Crippling fear is dismal.
                                      Healthy fear expresses reverence, respect  and  obedience  to 
                                      standard rules and practical application. Acquiring knowledge
                                      with  its  intended benefits to one self,  being  careful  and
                                      following directions are what it does. Freedom within is enjoyed
                                      without suspicions, doubts, worries and all forms of anxieties.

                                      Crippling fear can manifest in many different ways, like:
                                      > phobia of different sorts
                                      > excuse to slackness and rebellion to some people
                                      > lack of knowledge about the matter being afraid of.
                                      > maybe out of an experience from the past.
                                      > maybe because of the environment that raised him/her 
                                                         up using persuasion by means of fear
                                       > some become very aloof, distant and secluded especially
                                          those fearing for their health and well being.
                                       > uncontrolled imaginations, presumptions & anxieties
                                       > there are many, many more...
                                          The common fears are:
                                           > the fear of the unknown, fear of death, of darkness, of 
                                            being alone, fear of hunger, calamity and destruction, 
                                                                    and so forth and so on...                

                                         The solution is always fundamental and available:

                                         Jesus Christ is just waiting to be known in the Gospel
                                         and in the Bible. Death is sure to come, so make sure of
                                         your eternal destiny. Faith alone in Christ alone gives
                                         assurance of abode in heaven.  God made the darkness                    
                                         just like He created the light. God Holy Spirit lives inside                     
                                         of the believers soul, there is no time that Trinity God is 
                                         not present. Other fears need to be conquered by studies 
                                         and knowing the specific subject because ignorance play            
                                         a major role in having many fears.  Let us get this up into 
                                         our mind. The yardstick for any belief is the word of God.
                                         For besetting fears that continually grip a person, you
                                         may need a counselor, a person you trust or a Christian
                                         psychologist and therapist to help you overcome and be               
                                         set free or not be controlled by it.  The help is still a process,
                                         some overcame fast, some slowly and some needs a day by 
                                                        day emotional support and stability.
                                 2 Timothy 1:7  "For God has not given us a spirit of fear, but of power, love and of a
                                                                                                        sound mind." 

       :there are a lot of studies, just google the subject about fear, anxiety, phobia but 
       changing the way the mind thinks by believing and appropriating God's word is the      
                    most effective method to be released from unproductive fear...likewise 
                                                                  growing mature.

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