Sunday, March 6, 2011


Welcome! or Agony



                                  There are a lot of instant stuffs, those that are giving great reliefs to men especially the busy ones.  Instant coffee, noodles, portrait, INSTANT millionaire??? the list will go on and on and on.  Add to this is the high tech world in our times and age.  Any part of the world can be reached by an instant SMS or email, calls  via satellite  and tv or computer.  We are thankful to these amazing discoveries!

                                  If one is not careful though, he or she would think that everything needs to be instant.  The waiting will be too long; many live impatiently.  The feelings will always rise above the mind. The attitudes will become foul.

Let's learn about the caterpillar inside the Pupa

                                 When an egg of a butterfly is hatched, it becomes a tiny insect.  Before it can become a pretty adult butterfly, it needs to hibernate inside a cocoon for days.  It must be a terrible  experience  to  be  out  of  the  world  and  then   be jailed in a cocoon.       Then an impatient child pass by and tear  opened  the  cocoon  and  came  out  a  butterfly   with damaged  wings  and  body.   All  the  rest   of    this        poor butterfly's life was spent in struggle, trying to  fly  like   the others but she can't.  If only she was allowed to go through the process, she could be the most beautiful one that aids in the flowers pollination.                                                                                                                                                     

              We can also ask, when a little infant is born by her mother, drinks milk for the first time, will that make him a big adult instantly?  Of course not!
Every human needs to be born, nourished and undergo the stages of infancy, toddler, puberty, adolescence and adult. If he is given enough well balanced food and supplements, he will grow big and strong faster than the neglected others. 


                But oh yes, in the spiritual life an instant decision of 'faith alone in Christ alone' makes a sinner instantly a child of God. Nevertheless, spiritual growth takes a process just as well.  Salvation that is,  just gave you a place in heaven.  There is no instant maturity. It takes years of painstakingly studying God's word, apply, undergo tests in life, if fail take retests.  Until we are alive, the personality or the mental, emotional, self consciousness, conscience and choices which is the soul will grow mature if it is nourished with a well balanced teachings from the Scriptures.  The nurturing starts with a mentor but if you can managed already, the responsibility of eating to grow is all yours.
                    That's our cocoon! When the world shuts up itself from us, don't fail to notice God. He wants to train you by Himself in order that you will come out a wonderful person the way God has planned exactly for you! It's dark inside the cocoon of God.  You only need to see with your spiritual eyes and hear with your spiritual ears.  It is just meant for you, God processing you.  He is saying, as long as you struggle, He can't teach you. When you start to relax or have faith rest in Him, He can now give you His lessons.  Are you breaking off or totally rely on His word and grace?

Philippians 1:6 "For I am confident of this very thing, that He Who began a good work in you, will perfect it
                                                             until the day of Jesus Christ!"
Proverb 28:22 "A man with an evil eye hastens after wealth and does not know that want will come upon him.

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