Sunday, May 8, 2011


Today all mothers in the whole world are being honored simply because they are mothers.  There can be no one on earth without mothers.  God blessed so much that all the living will come through a dear mother.  To celebrate, I will copy some of the text messages I received today, let me share them with you;
                  MOTHER - you are a woman who changes minds, takes chances, turns head, and
                                        listens! You are a woman who remembers, pauses, makes an efforts &
                                        laughs. You are unique, irreplaceable and so real.- From Melody

                 Mother - is a strong person who knows how to keep her life in an orderly manner.
                                 Even with tears in her eyes, she manages to stand tall and say "everything
                                 is just fine."  She gives smile to the weak & shares to the needy.-From Lud

                 Mother - you are a wonderful gift from God to your children.  You are God's hand to
                                mold, protect & train your children to the right living. From Jeany A.
               "Being a mom is what a great privilege! To share an unconditional love!" From Rizza

                 Mother - is made to become unselfish, to be giving and to go an extra mile always.
                                 From Jasmen

                 A mother can handle troubles &  heavy burdens.  She shares happiness, love &
                                opinions...She can smile when she feels like screaming...She sings when 
                                she feels like crying...She touches the weary child and overcome their fears.
                                She points them to Jesus Christ for peace beyond understanding.
                                From Mrs. Jo

                May this day be a day of reflections, of thanksgiving and of worship to God of all the 
                mothers like me.  Happy Celebrations!!! God Who Made moms Is Truly a genius!
And lest i forget: This is a personal note to my 92 year-old mamma.  Her personal life for me & my 
siblings was super extra self-giving to mention.  Giving up her comforts during the wee hours of the day 
to prepare meals for us.  She rises up early when her family was slumbering in bed and goes to bed 
when everybody's in their room and all stuffs in the house are in order.  She loves unconditionally &
her presence is felt whether in happy times or in bad times; when we were behaving or misbehaving.
I salute my mom and love her so. Happy birthday on May 17, 2011 @ 93 y.o

        Proverb 31:10-12 "It is hard to find a good wife, because she is worth more than rubies.
                        Her husband trusts her completely. With her, he has everything he needs.
                        She does him good and not harm for as long as she lives."
        Proverb 31:25-30  "She is strong and is respected by the people. She looks forwards to
                        the future with joy.  She speaks wise words and teaches others to be kind.
                        She watches over her family and never wastes her time.  Her children speak
                        well of her.  Her husband also praises her.  Charm is deceptive and beauty
                        can trick you but A WOMAN WHO FEARS THE LORD MUST BE PRAISED!"

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