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How can a terminal illness affect your life? If the victim is your most beloved spouse how would you manage to deal with the situation? If he is your child how can you bear? As a spouse or parent you can either help or hasten the demise of your loved one.  Worse, you too will soon be ill.

Illness always comes like a thief at a time that you never expect, much more never wanted! Composure is a must for you if you are the healthy and the strong. Pray, ask God for direction what hospital and who to consult regarding physicians. Never show your disappointment why he or she got sick in a time of too much difficulty and crisis. Always ask God's grace to be cheerful, decisive and optimistic. You must know how to speak and when to keep silent. Express how much you love; enjoy taking care of him or her. Remember, ill people are very sensitive and are easily infected with other kinds of diseases.You must always have the wisdom when and who to accept visitations. Be sure that they will give positive outlook for your patient. Always remind every family member to show love and concern with well-meaning words to hasten recovery. There must be lots of nutritious foods in a cheerful and peaceful neat room. The room ambiance adds to the emotions with a music that lifts God for healing and revival.

There are days that the ill will be very weak and very helpless. Never vent your hurts in front of him or her. Go to God to a place that you can cry, to a person that you trust until you can regain yourself. Go back to him or her to care with a smile and with love. Your own health being the caregiver is very important so try to eat well taking supplements too. You cannot be sick as well nor you want to be a carrier of infections. Talk about anything of interests to your patient. Read the 'get well soon cards', notes and text messages. Show him photos to perk his feelings. Read to him or her the Bible which is the spiritual food of the soul. If he wants to receive calls, go ahead. Show hope so that he or she will have a goal to be up quickly.

Habitually, update friends and loved ones with your patient's hospital record. You and your family need a lot of prayers, encouragements and financial helps in such a time as this. It will surprise you, all the aids will just flow on you. Always thank God for your loved one who is ill and commit him or her to God. Thank the doctors everyday, pray for them and the medicines. Pray for a stable and courageous mind to plan whenever the most fearful time comes, his or her death .Where will you bring for the embalment, for the funeral and the final rest.

Every second though as long as there is breath, expect God to give His miracle and restore to normal life.

It is tough, it is draining. We can only live one day at a time. We all should remember that every man has an end. How will that happen? We all don't know, that is why it is vital for us to save some money for those times when our health will fail, or when we are aged, or come unexpected terminal illness, and even to help loved ones or friends in dire need. Don't ignore or run away, face reality by the grace of The Almighty!

For me to live is Christ and to die is gain.
Philippians 1:21

This is written from the blogger's own experience. Hoping that every reader will appreciate his or her loved ones and his or her health as well while your time allows. Also praying that my blog tomorrow will be about the anniversary of my departed's great to blog when there is a purpose...

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  1. tomorrow na pala ang death anniv ni pastor... it may seem sad to remember that his date of death falls on the month wherein everyone is merry celebrating the birth of Christ but looking at the brighter side of it, death can never be someone else's downfall, it is a victory against the world and a celebration to finally claim the eternal gift of life that the Lord gave to His children through His son Jesus.

    PS: received your text, and sana naayos ko ng konti yung post *wink*