Saturday, May 7, 2011


What's in Blogging?

                                Summer vacation used to be very exciting going to colder places and still will be.  The places are still beautiful; bonding time with family and relatives was still warm and glorious.  There was just one missing link that my heart yearned so badly.  It's blogging!!!  

                                How could you describe that heavy feeling?  While you care and respect the dates and special gathering, you've got an empty space inside you.  It happened to me the last month of April this year.  I missed my blogs! I missed blogging!  I miss you all!

                                You bet my excitement today as I face my desktop computer.  Well I guess, I will pray for a laptop so that wherever I go, I will keep on blogging.  Nonetheless, it is still helpful to assess our directions, our goals, our works, our passions and our attitudes. We can evaluate how we spend our precious time to what matter most to us.  I am very thankful for people, for family, friends and loved ones more than any gadget.  I am very thankful also for technologies that help our lives work faster and more effective.  I am likewise very thankful that blogs can reach out, touch lives, repair, cheer the fainting hearts and revived weakening souls.  This is the blog i want! one that motivates because all potentialities are in every human freely bestowed by Loving God.  I thank The Lord for allowing me to blog just like others.

                                 Now I am happy to be back, my blog will connect us. Just hoping my blogs will etch a little portion in your life. Please watch tomorrow's blog for moms.  Have a wonderful day!!!

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