Wednesday, December 29, 2010


                         HELP!!!   I'M HURTING

Are you one of the thousands that has a'silent shout'within you? You can hear yourself calling loudly but no one really hears you out?  Here you are showing the world your sweet smile while inside you're breaking...bit by bit you are crushed. You struggle to rise but the more it gripped on you. You really can't by your own! Here's a true story.

How have Rosa & Rema overcame     
        their hurts

 They were 4 & 12 when they were orphaned together with their older sister,14 and an older brother of 10. Their father & mother died in a bus accident. Their uncle came to take care of them which turned out to be a nightmare for every sibling. This uncle was a 'beast' and drug dependent.  Each child was abused terribly beyond what one can imagine a "blood to blood" can do against the norm. As a result as these children are growing they became ruthless, bitter, insecure, liars and vagabond.  They  live in fear & in shame but especially about the secret ordeal they experienced from their uncle. They tasted 'the world' at their very young age but God wasn't done with them.
One time Rosa and Rema were waiting for some customers to take them elsewhere, they happened to overhear a preaching. The man said, "just come to Jesus Christ, don't wait that you will become good or moral.  Come as you are, believe in Him because He already bore our sin on His cross.  These 2 ladies now 14 & 22 got saved by the Gospel.  After 6 months they went to a school of Theology and Rosa to a nearby high school.
      At first both were doing very good in their respective school.  The zeal for the Lord  was unmatched until some later days.  Many of the men young people were lewd and some ladies were on their same old life even from the church.  It was very subtle, they can cover all their secret night life but for not so long.  It was very sad. Someone with real concern, a counselor called their attention one day.

Here's their mind at that time!  Rema and Rosa said, they were certain they have faith and they understood very well the Gospel message.  They knew exactly that they were saved.  They want to pursue good but very helpless to do because their flesh looked for the habit they've been to.  They poured lots and lots of tears and the counselor was teary eyed as she listened to their story.

The counselor said, "is that all you have to tell?" She knows the girls could not name them to her because they were purely ugly traumatic experience of abuse.  Each between sobs and brokenness, little by little they picture their life. The counselor told them that they can truly trust God because He Is truly trustworthy.  So on a daily basis if they can truly commit to live the way of life for the Lord, they must name every sin to God as they need freedom and experience power to do right!

     It was a process indeed. Their path to freedom from personal habitual act was tough. Both understood that the decision is theirs.  Whether they will  follow their feeling of old sinful ways or contend, allowing their mind to reason.  They were asked to drop from school for one year to work on their faith and truly give them the freedom to reason in line with the word of God. It was not easy! They stumbled and fell and rose until such time that their understanding and commitment became a reality!

     They left and for 4 years never knew of their whereabouts.  Until Rema texted that she's now a professional teacher with a Christian husband.  She can talk anything under the sun without covering shameful acts that happened to her.  She doesn't want it to happen to any other child.  Rosa on the other hand still wandered and got a love child.  However she too realized that she must live right. She came to acknowledge that God can make it if His word will make a sense in the mind. They now can live on a daily basis entrusting to God their burden, victories and commitment. She is finishing a 2-year course in cooking. Their eldest sister has a family but still lives in bitterness and misgivings.  She tends to hurt her children and husband.  Their brother got entangled with the law for illegal possession of firearm. The uncle was dead! Rosa and Rema are praying and helping their sister & brothers & others to be led to freedom from self and hatred.  The battle is in the mind for every person. We all can place our weakness in the mighty hand of our Creator. They agree that they still contend with their past experiences but the triumph is believing that God does and obeying what He says in the Bible. 

"Brethren, I do not consider that I have made it my own. But one thing I do: forgetting what lies behind and straining forward what lies ahead. I press on toward the goal for the prize of the upward call of God in Christ Jesus. Only let let us hold true to what we have attained."-Philippians 3:12-14

           Take time to look inside of you.  There is nothing hard for the Lord, come to Him as you are! He died, was buried and rose again so that you will not live in sin & in defeat.  The first phase is Believing, it takes a second. The second phase is growing in line with God's mind, and it takes a life time! 

           Quote from Rosa & Rema..."when we focus on self, the pain goes on and on but if we focus on Christ and what He is saying, there is no more pain and no more hurts.  We have triumphed through Him and our life become fruitful, productive and helping others as well."

                   When your life is over burdened and you don't
                   know what to do, God is a call away, every
                   one needs Him, for salvation, comfort, & live!                     

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