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His Short Biography

Born in Davao City in 1957 May 17.  The 3rd and youngest among 3 siblings and only son. His mother, a member of US veteran nurse, told her story that she asked God to give her a boy child that would serve and love God.  She gave birth to a son at  40. His father was a farmer.  He has two older sisters.  

Psalm 139:16 "Thine eyes did see my substance, yet being unperfect; and in Thy book all Thy members were written, which in continuance were fashioned, when as yet there was none of them. How precious also are Thy thoughts unto me, Oh God!"

His Formal Education

Kindergarten: Pag-Asa UCCP Preschool
1st grade: PWU Phil Women University, Davao city
2nd & 3rd grade: Siliman University, Dumaguete City
Graduated Elementary & High School: Christian Academy of Manila, Nagtahan, MM

College major in Literature: Shelton College, Florida, USA
Masteral Course: MA in Theology, Faith Seminary, New Jersey, PA
He came back to take care of his ailing mother.  He pastored and planted churches but always reminded people that he was just an instrument that His plan and purposes are done in some particular places at those times through him.

Got married: March 16, 1987 in Philippines 
Children: 3, eldest daughter followed by two sons

Unknown to many:
  • 1966 he was chosen to be one of the children to welcome the visit of the late Pres. Ferdinand Marcos. At the airport arena in Davao city, he was carried singlehandedly by then president of the land.
  • At 10 years old he was one of the children singer in FAT Folk Arts Theater by then First Lady I. Marcos.  He was one of the few selected after those difficult auditions for about a hundred children. 
  • Got saved in a youth camp at about 14 years old directed by Pastor Ed Ormeo.
  • 1986, he prayed that  Mrs. Corazon Aquino becomes the country's president.
  • During his elementary and high school, he was awarded the best in Guitar playing (plucking) classical songs. 
  • At 16 y.o, was with the student team, visited Jerusalem, Israel with their Regent, Dr. Carl Mc Intire who preached, "you now stand where Jesus once stood, walking where he used to walk but will you follow in His footsteps?"   He said this was his turning point not to quit his studies & made that decision to serve The Lord wholeheartedly. 
  • In 1986 he was already a pastor, won first prize in interpreting a commercial song for Barclay products held at Rizal Theater, Manila.   He was a soloist.
  • Trials and testings in his life and service were not few which he contended with faith, joy and hope in God.  He suffered many hardships,persecutions on account of his faith , animosities and indifference from people with much tears & prayers.
  • Never once complained about his illness, he accepted his life with bravery and courage, the way God meant it to be. 
His Work and Passion:

The Word of God is what keeps him busy in his studies everyday.  He owns a library and electronic gadgets was where he invest time and money.  He pastored 3 churches, planted several in coastal and remote places for Christians there.  He was speaker to youth camps, Bible conferences and a Bible School teacher.  He was a super dynamic preacher,  fiery speaker and very compassionate friend.   He is a sought after singer in weddings, congress and confabs. During college, he was their only foreign student member of their school choir in Shelton College, Florida.  He was a national church planter who worked with the Independent Gospel Missions (IGM) based in Rochester, New York.  His field of missions is Mindanao, Philippines particularly Sta. Maria town and her villages, coastal, mountain tribes and local barangays. 

To his family:

A superb family man! A loving husband to his wife and responsible father to his children.  He was a great provider, thoughtful at all times and never forgot especial occasions, not one.  He saw to it that his family is partner to his ministry and part of his flock.  He was always thankful and expressive of his love and attachment with his beloved ones.  He trained them to be independent, studious, hard worker and voluntary in their love and work for the Lord.  He shew them by his life example how to live the faith that he confesses.

His flock:

Remember his sacrifices all throughout those hard years.  He would take children to church for Sunday School. He would take adults to Church and bring them back home.  He would feed the hungry.   He loved people so much especially their salvation and was a magnet and life of the party.  He would go miles and miles  extra to help mankind and allow them to hear the Gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ.  He oftentimes reminded his flock and family that God was his first love above all else. 

He founded the Morning Star Academy, established in 1990, a Christian school for the basic education for children from all walks of life preparing them to live on earth to have a good life, successful work and preparing them for eternity by their faith in Jesus Christ.  

He was praying and challenging church leaders to become spiritually mature if they seriously study God's word everyday.  He caught cancer but until his last days, was able to preach and teach as God allowed him to.  He lived the full life having work in God's vineyard where he was called and his heart was,. It was short but meaningful and colorful. Pastor Dan to many and Daddy Dan to his family;  1957 to December 16, 2006.   Now a humble library and orphanage are named after him. "For to me to live is Christ and to die is gain"-Philippians 2:14

In life or in death, to God be the glory!



  1. We loved Danny...he visited us many times when he was in his early 20's and each time he was all smiles and laughter and always played his guitar wherever we went...even in the car! He was "one of a kind" and we all loved him.
    With much love, Julie (formerly Ormeo) Hughes-Peterson (mother of Greg, Sofia, and Aliza)

  2. Aunt Julie, thank you very much po. Dan remembered you so much with fondness and shared with how you were so kind to him and everyone. Merry Christmas and may God continue to be evident in your life. I am so touched, pray for you!

  3. wow! I miss tito dan! Ganda ng biography! :) At may pictures pa na lumang luma. O__O Buti natago u to lahat tita nelly. :)

  4. haha lumang-luma with emphasis pa. Nakuna ko yan sa cubao haus nung 4 yrs old ka at 3 c nin. Thank you jez for visitng this site. We miss you also.