Saturday, December 4, 2010

An Optimistic Mind and A Conqueror

"a merry heart doeth good like a medicine."- Proverb 17:22

Mr. Minte told of his life experiences.  He said since childhood he knew and was taught about the reality of the proverb by King Solomon in the Bible.  Yet as he was growing up and hardships began to over take his life, the joy of living eloped from him. He was not taking charge but his problems and difficulties were the focus of his mind.  Nevertheless,  despite the obstacles, he finished college but not being well prepared, he landed as a company security guard for a living.  He was enrolled at night in a college of law because he wanted to become a lawyer.  During his sophomore year,  he met a lady which he ended marrying, bore children that made him quit from the law school.  Unknown to the family and his friends, this made him very discouraged and angry. The smiles and laughter were only pretensions which in the later times he could no longer hid.  He ignored his family let alone made decisions by himself that produced very devastating results.  He became very addicted to the lottery and gambling that his house was taken by the sheriff.  He lost the family's house when he mortgaged for a sum of money to meet his and family's pressing needs.  As the family grew large, his income remain small and his inner struggles continued deep within. However, in all of his crazy decisions, his wife remained faithful, caring for them and kept still. She taught their children to respect and listen to their father.  She taught them to be thankful to their meager income and to study hard in school.

           Mr. Minte continued to be a strange person to his family and never shared a thought.  Until one day, he was very weak and lost consciousness while doing his job.  His co-workers rushed him to the emergency unit in a government hospital.  He was confined for several days until he recovered.  All the while his good wife was beside him, gently making sure she understood the doctors advise and prescription for her husband.  This got his attention and compassion.  Upon reaching home, he vent his anger upon himself and cried very loudly or the first time during his adulthood.  All of his misgivings were exposed which turned out to be the cure for his lost happiness.  The following day, he was already talking to his children.  He fought hard his pride until he was able to say sorry and asked forgiveness from his wife, children and friends.  He began to be interested again in the intricacies of life and people around him.  He started to value his work and co-workers.  He started to open up his problems and visions as well. Fortunately, he never struggled giving up his addiction to gambling. It was automatic that when he strengthened things out in his life, the vices never attracted him anymore. He could not thanked enough the example of his beloved wife.

              He called his hospital experience as God's 'blessing in disguise.'  In fact he admitted that almost all trials in his life were meant to call his attention to return to God and for a godly living.  He acknowledged that all life's battles are only in the mind.  Win or lose- depends mostly upon his choices.  Fear and Courage depend on what his mind believes. He decided do the right thing in the right way and so brought back his lost life.  All that they purposed in their hearts, the family consulted the Lord Christ first and were willing to be guided by the Holy Spirit then the turn around happened.   He no longer is enslaved by the game of chance and outbursts of anger.  His face started to regain the long lost smiles and happy laughter. His eyes became brightly smiling in optimism He enjoyed the company of real friends again, those that warned him of his evil habits.  He enjoys his work until the present and during weekend helps his wife in their small banana cue business.  All their five children are in harmony and enjoy their school and home life.  It's true problems and trials don't go away, but this time Mr. Minte has the discernment and the courage to face every situation.  He had committed to that one goal, of making life better and meaningful for everyone, to him and for the glory of God! To swallow pride and make right decisions are worth it all!

         How many of us experienced or are experiencing the same as what happened to Mr. Minte?.  There is always time to be transformed.  Begin with God and act upon His system of rules.  Live it out!



  1. Great picture...he looks so happy.
    I’ve been following and enjoying your blog for a while now and would like to invite you to visit and perhaps follow me back. Sorry I took so long for the invitation.

  2. P.S...Sad and tragic storys about the three couplse who lost their sons.