Monday, December 20, 2010


                                                                HUSH THAT ENERGY

As Christmas day is approaching, the hyperactivity especially of moms are very rampant and observable wherever and whenever places to go.  The department stores and groceries are full of pushy and hurrying people during this time of the year. We can always take notice the big change of movements and behavior  amongst thousands.  Extravagant spending causes stress and pressures that have entered the way of life, the home and work places and the unmindful individuals which are perhaps more than those 'in control' of things and budgets.  How sad!

Let's think about?  Why will Christmas brings distress instead of relief? Why will it add heaviness and debts instead of freedom and gladness? Have someone redefined it's one and only meaning, effect and influence?  Let's have a quick recall and look back, probably create the picture in our minds.  

Behold! God The Son Became Flesh!
  • 31/2 BC, The Only Begotten Son of God was born in a lowly  manger.                                                             
  • The angels said, "fear not"; "glory"; "be still"                                                                                                                   
  • Don't fear or loss courage/ don't be discouraged
  • Glory!!! or be joyful; Be still or relax/stop worrying!                                                     
  • It is Happy birthday of Jesus Christ, The only Saviour of mankind,
  • God incarnate! God in flesh! because of His love for every human.                
  • When he was 33 years old, He gave up His life on that rugged cross, to pay     for every single sin that man can commit starting from Adam to the last person that will live on this planet earth.  His humanity is now about 2,010 plus years old; this is the Christmas! 
  • For Him to give humankind His life and a full victory over sin, death and the devil. Jesus Christ body was buried but on the 3rd day He rose again! This is His best and perfect gift to man!

Faith on the Gospel message gives peace instead of confusion.  It brings joy instead of misery. It brings order and harmony instead of upheaval.

It brings courage instead of fear. And the package deal, when He gave His dear life to man, He gave security eternal for anyone who believes.  He gave eternal life instead of insecurities.  He turns sorrows into joy; darkness into brightness and emptiness into blessedness. This is supposed to be our pattern in our days and age!

If any of us can grasp it's true meaning, then unnecessary cares and hurrying can be done away with. Elizabeth and Mary found and understood that.   They burst into singing praises and filled their lives with faith rests and calmness in their busy work.  Zechariah, the priest became dumb and mute because of His unbelief.  Herod became very deceiving-trying to outwit even the wise men, angry and ruthless because he didn't know Jesus Christ! Restlessness was the image of King Herod!

Shopping, gifts giving and merrymaking will only find meaning if first we have understood the meaning of Christmas.  Living within our means will be an effect.  Moms modelling the gentle spirit can influence their kids to have a restful and brave life then being generous as an attitude of the heart but not pleasing men. There's joy from within no matter how little we have or challenges surround us.

Enjoy the rest of the preparations, Christmas is 5-days away! A merriest Christmas everyone minus the hustling, bustling and jostling!      

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