Monday, November 15, 2010


In this remote island of Pulong, lies the Radio Station DWDR. People here are far from the city's hustle and bustling of the modern computer technology. They are simply contented listening to current news, trivial happenings around the world, news in their surroundings and various interesting issues. During the day, different personalities run the programs. At night, the station manager, Mr. Pons, as he is customarily called by people, handles the schedules.

At one time, Mr. Pons showed at the door of preacher Matt's house. Being an uninvited guest, Mr. Pons appeared very nicely, he introduced himself and spoke gently in which the preacher welcomed him without hesitations. The radio station manager explained that the main purpose of his coming was to invite the preacher to join the roll of radio broadcasters over DWDR. He said, he can preach and teach during three evenings for one and a half hours every week. Mr. Pons also cited the advantage of its frequency over the other radio stations because the area of coverage is much larger and can be heard all over the region. This made the preacher's eyes lit of an excitement! What a blessing indeed! He told Mr. Pons that he will pray and ask God to supply the need before he starts his radio program. The station manager quickly replied that God has already answered even before he prayed because his heart was touched to offer him the lowest monthly airtime fee and in addition, he will shoulder half of the amount if he will commit to join right away. He praised the preacher's honesty and his prayerful attitude. Flattered by the recognition and the deal, the preacher could not refuse but signed the contract the station manager brought along. They exchanged more pleasant ideas then Mr. Pons bade goodbye assuring preacher Matt of a slot at DWDR for three times weekly in the evening. However, before he got out of the house, Mr. Pons commented that there are still other preachers who were not able to pay him their monthly obligations. This made preacher Matt quite uneasy but he brushed aside this comment from his mind. He was very optimistic he can pay his time slot.

Excitedly, preacher Matt did not waste any precious time. He did research, write and rewrite his messages for his radio preaching. He called friends, texted others and told everyone he knew, to listen to his program. A day before his maiden broadcast, he brought the payment money to the station manager, equivalent for three-months run, 1 month deposit and 2-months advanced. He thanked him for the favor of 50% discount which he promised to partner with. "Don't mention", was the manager's usual reply. Tuesday night came, and preacher Matt spoke his well-prepared message with an equally well-prepared punch lines and powerful illustrations, desiring to keep his listeners awake. He was quite satisfied with his first broadcast. When it ended, he waited for responses but not one called to congratulate him. Disappointed though, he headed home but was the most startled to learn that even his family was not able to hear his first broadcast. Preacher Matt blamed himself and thought, perhaps the technician assigned to assist him did not push the right button and he failed to check either. He then continued to busy himself and prepare the more for the next scheduled broadcast. Friday evening was his second night, and before the main topic, he spent half the airtime greeting his listeners. Pastor Matt knew many people are excited to hear him speak on the air and they've been praying hard lately. He preached about the power of encouragement and advise his listeners to express some good words to the people who have one way or the other brought positive influences in their lives. After the preaching he again waited for some calls but this time his mobile phone would not ring. The inbox was filled with messages and fear started to grip his mood. Everyone was asking what time is his radio schedule or what station they were about to tune in? Perplexed, he went straight to the office of the station manager.

Preacher Matt shared about the problem that is baffling his broadcast why he could not be heard contrary to what he believed the whole region would be reached. Mr Pons, in his most surprised expression told him, "haven't I told you preacher that I am still waiting for the others to settle their financial obligations then we can pay for the electric bills so that our station's power can be reinstalled back? I needed to instruct you when to start and did not know you were reporting already. Please wait till I give the go signal and I promise, it will be soon." Preacher Matt, did not finish the station manager's explanation. He was so mad, unknowingly turned his back and went running home. He was still outrageous when he started to call and talk. According to preacher Matt, he felt all of his blood rushed up to his cheeks. When he became calm, he started to understand that he was stupidly and out wittingly deceived however he can now allow his mind to work. He understood that this situation made him realize that success does not depend upon the completion of that radio sharing opportunity. Circumstances reveal that it is not even advantageous to his ministry. There are still other radio stations that he can honestly work with. He might have been deceived once, he must be thankful he is not the deceiver. Shame on the deceitful person! However if he will allow to be fooled again by the same man, shame on him too. Preacher Matt must never vent his anger on anybody because that would give him an unhealthy self, unhealthy relationship and unhealthy mentality. He must address the issue objectively with the person concerned in a clam spirit. He must also realize that Mr. Pons, must be somewhere enjoying under the blue sky unaffected especially if he believes he is only performing his job to keep the radio station going. If it will not be settled the way preacher Matt expects it to be, he can then charge it to his own unique experience and then move on. Experience, whether good or bad is the best school of learning for our life. You see, our attitudes will always determine our success or failure. Every person needs to understand that there is always the right solution to any problem no matter how humbling this may be. When we learn to apply this principle in our own selves, our character is refined and we become better persons.

(Again, the names of the characters, the place and radio station name were changed to protect the dignity of the real ones). Hope you will get something from my blog. Choose your company!

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