Saturday, November 6, 2010

Droopy Shoulders; Smiling Eyes

What is a roller coaster experience?  It is an emotional struggle of  mixed feelings- the good and bad interwoven like an endless chain, up and down..up and down the trail. A roller coaster is an equipment with a system of locomotion that can very well hit soft and rough terrains.

So is everyone of us!  Are you happy yesterday and sad today?  You were praising then a little later swearing?  Some have self-control, some are panicky, others are paralyzed in fear, immobile wanting to work but very unproductive sad to say.  Still others end up biting their nails, twisting fingers, counting the stars, letting time go by in that estate of terrible nervous breakdown.  

Just becoming real disorganized-heading nowhere? The night life habit has turned him into a glutton, filled with wine and addictions.  Then ugly imaginations started creeping in the brain. Such void is filled with fancy laughter and loud sounds.  Life is unbearable you say then some secret crimes made you more uneasy.

  • Maybe from a little tactless comment and you tend to be very sensitive on that issue.
  • It could be a big dream you were armed to conquer the world only to find out reality was far. To dream was  easy but opportunities were bleak. This stripped you of self confidence and poise.
  • It might be lose of self-esteem that you believed when your brain sent out negative thoughts.
  • Still one of the many is when your expectations crumbled, leaving your emotions crashed and shambled.
  • Somehow probably you have been severely abused mentally, emotionally, physically or perhaps sexually, abandoned and left hurt?  These causes can go on and on and on and yet no matter how hard your life situation is, you will not be helped if you blame who. 
  • Do you desire to conquer yourself and overcome this marred self-image?
  • Would you strengthen your "frame of reference"?-which is your mind inside your brain. Don't ever think you 
    are alone! Everyone has his own share of Adam's terrible downfall.
  • Are you aware that in this world, everyone has his own share of the problems but it is the ATTITUDE that 
  • Your beliefs in life are your Driving FORCE. Know that all problems/difficulties/obstacles have solutions. Problems will end! sometimes instantly before you knew it's gone, sometimes it will undergo a quite long process or it may take a lifetime in order to develop some desirable characters in one's life. Patience, a quiet and still spirit are some characters which are priceless.
  • Have you entered this in your memory that life can be rough but God has already supplied the solutions? DON'T SOAK IN DESPAIR! We don't came from a bang, that's the laziest your mind can pursue.  Most of the solutions are not easy to apply by our human carnal mind, but in trusting daily comes the victory.
Emotions are blessings as appreciator. Go ahead, you can express your emotions tempered with character then it will shine in the midst of darkness.  However, always have that mind with you because in it are the issues of life. Get your mind right>always think objectively and not succumb to emotional myopia.

All that God has expected of man is to BE DECISIVE! If you have chosen the wrong path and companions, you surely will go astray. If you have chosen the right way, success is your partner because that is her strait path.


If you will choose God through Jesus Christ, you will end up in Heaven  If you reject Him in unbelief, you will end up in Hell. Get right with God. Take His mind, train on it and keep on..  

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