Thursday, November 11, 2010


I woke up very early today and when I opened my front door Ogram was there waiting. I can tell on her bearing that things are not well with her. She could not contain her trembling hands and kept biting her nails. I reached out and touched her shoulders then she finally said, "aunt, my school's closed". Her voice was cracling as if the whole world crumbled upon her. I waited until her composure returned and when she sensed that I was interested to listen she continued her story. She and her classmates went to their school to enroll but instead they were told by the president that there is no more school.

Ogram is a beautiful and very determined young lady. She is 20 year old fourth year college taking up Early Childhood Education. She managed to study while working, motivated by her excitement that one day she can teach children and serve our beloved country and family. The news came as a mighty surprise and struck horror to her whole being. Tears kept rolling her face and I shared in her moments of grief. Deep inside I was praying and God reminded me of Victor Hugo's motto: "Open a school and closed the mind of ignorance". 

I comforted Ogram and cited several reasons why perhaps their school reached that decision to close:

  • Bankruptcy- is an internal cause we will never know;
  • Poverty of our country that it is very nil to augment a support to struggling private institutions and perhaps; 
  • Irresponsibility of school leaders which is a reality in this troubled sin-sick world.
Ogram finally heard the message and she understood that people and circumstances are never to be the cause of our failure and quitting. Our reaction or response is the attitude that would determine our future destiny. She stood, brushed the tears away and her usual smile returned.
Before breakfast we were able to chart her next moves- pray, take her school documents and honorable dismissal then transfer to another school. There is always a solution to every problem. This we always need to bear in mind. At the end of the school year, Ogram is hopeful that she will be in the graduation roll, optimistic for a brighter future!!! Hurray Ogram, thousands of kids are waiting for you to open their minds from ignorance unto wisdom. 

(Ogram is just a made up name to hide the true identity of this young lady and the school).

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